Pandemic 2020 Workouts: Pop Zumba with Emily from Elle Fitness

 Pop Zumba with Emily of Elle Fitness in Toronto

Quick screenshot that I got on my phone while we were in between songs

I am so glad that years ago after attending classes at Flirty Girl Fitness, I stayed subscribed to their e-mail list.  They changed over into Elle Fitness years later (I still have one class left to attend on my punch card actually), but I never went back for more classes at the new fitness studio.

I went through some of the e-mails in my inbox this weekend and discovered that Elle Fitness has free online daily classes shared on Instagram!  Scanning through the list, I noticed that they had Zumba classes, and a pop Zumba at that.  I love Zumba, and I attended regular in-person classes 1 to 3 times a week pre-pandemic.  Post-pandemic, the usual Zumba classes that I attended with Zumbako have moved online (which I’ve been attending without fail twice a week ever since they announced the online classes; soon three times a week since they’re adding an extra class starting next week).  Zumba is for me the best fitness routine since I don’t feel like I’m working out at all but I still get a good sweat on and can log in so much cardio in 40-60 minutes.

Anyway, I decided to try the Pop Zumba class with Emily today on Instagram (she also posts her classes on Twitch) at 12 p.m.  I loved it!  She had a pre-made playlist that included all the best pop songs from the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and even Beyonce.  What a playlist!

The Pop Zumba class was an hour long and I worked up such a sweat with all of the dancing and cardio work.  I love, love, love instructors who are able to choreograph the dance moves to the beats of the songs seamlessly (not all Zumba instructors do that).  It makes the Zumba dancing so much more fun and coordinated.

I also loved Emily’s infectious attitude and personality.  She got straight to the point with each routine and interacted with the viewers between each song.  She made the whole class so much fun, stress-free, and easy.  I love instructors who just want you to move your body without caring if you’re dancing “right” or not.  That’s what Zumba is anyway.  You can put your own spin on the moves.  I also like how she mentioned that all of her dances can be modified to fit your needs, whether you have bad joints or a bad back or if you’re pregnant.  Anyone can participate in all of the songs in her Zumba routine.

I found out she offers a HIIT hop class online too.  I may check it out, but I’m definitely sticking to her Pop Zumba classes as long as they’re available online on Instagram Live.  The best part about working out during this pandemic is that I can do it from the comfort of my own basement and then shower right afterwards with no commuting. 😀

Elle Fitness has a GoFundMe page as well which, if you have the means to, you can make a donation to support them and the instructors during the temporary studio’s closure due to COVID-19.  I’m again so glad that I still receive their e-mail newsletters in order to find out about this Zumba class, and I’m so grateful that I discovered this great fitness instructor!  Now I’ll get to do Zumba four to five times a week instead of just two! ^_^

Do you know of any other free online exercise classes that are being offered during this pandemic?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

Also, I know there are so many Zumba dance routines on YouTube, but it’s just not the same as attending an online live session.  And like I said, I still haven’t found a truly good Zumba YouTube channel where the dance moves match up well with the songs.  If you know of any though, also link me those!

Update:  I attended the HIIT Hop class of Emily’s today at 5 p.m. (May 26).  “HIIT Hop” is high intensity interval training using hip hop music as the tracks.

I like Emily’s energy and passion for the dances, but I did think that the Pop Zumba class was more fun — I’m a Zumba girl at heart.  The HIIT Hop sequences were creative though and they were definitely high intensity!

If it weren’t for my condition right now, I would actually do all of the other instructors’ classes too.  They have bootcamp classes, “abs, ass, legs”, and more.  Perhaps I’ll do an arm class too one day.  I just love the fact that Elle Fitness has so many varieties of free classes right now available on Instagram Live.  So thankful for it!

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