Flirty Girl Fitness’s 8th Year Anniversary

Yesterday, Oct 23, we had the chance to join Flirty Girl Fitnesss 8th year anniversary party! To celebrate, they invited anyone, whether drop-in or member, to a free class of their choice. They also provided giveaways, munchies, and cocktails as part of their Customer Appreciation Event. Holly, Joyce, and I carved out time from our busy schedules to partake in the “Bikini Bootcamp” class at 7:30 pm.

First, we had a quick but delectable dinner at WVRST (which you can read about here).

We arrived at Flirty Girl Fitness a little before our class at 7:30 with barely enough time to check in and change and put our belongings into the lockers. The session had already begun when we walked into the room. We did some “warm-ups” — although the instructor referred to them as warm-ups, for some, it could very well be the workout itself! We did squats, lunges, jumping jacks several times. Then, we did circuits for the rest of the class. They included more jumping jacks, planking, lunges, strength training with the weights, ‘mountain climbing’, cardio, push-ups, and so much more. She timed it so that we did each set around 5-15 times, with around 5-6 sets in each circuit, and then each circuit twice. We were sweating and pushing ourselves since it was not easy! Finally, instead of doing the last circuit a second time, we did some burpies, weights, and crunches. We cooled down and stretched before we left. Wow! It was such an effective class. To someone who hasn’t done bootcamp style sessions before, it would be a super tough workout. Since I just recently exercised in the Go Girl Bootcamps with my friend, I knew that I was able to push myself and go through the session. In the end, I always love how a good workout leaves you feeling good and with extra energy. 🙂

Oh, and when we left, we each got to take home a Flirty Girl black cap.  Free swag! 🙂

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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