Week 60 – walking!, Ikea play kitchen acquired

Toddler holding hands and walking inside Pacific Mall

Walking inside Pacific Mall

Week 60:

  • Nov 11: And that’s it, we have a walker in the house!!! She was already walking a bit on and off last week. She would pant excitedly when travelling between each surface but now she can confidently stand in the middle and walk slowly and steadily. It happened kind of overnight but yet it was a process too. Yay!!! Happy for her to reach this milestone πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  • DH picked up the IKEA play kitchen Duktig this morning from the seller on FB marketplace. The seller included so many plastic vegetable toys and cookware, aprons, a mini broom (love!! I was looking for one and so glad I don’t need to buy one myself), Melissa and Doug cupcakes with candles, a plastic tea set, and a set of mini ceramic cups too. How blessed and wonderful!!! πŸ˜€ I was so excited to see it.
  • DH left the play kitchen in the foyer before he and bb left to go to their cousins’ place for a playdate. When bb saw the kitchen, she reached out to play with the items already and almost didn’t even want to leave.
  • Bb had a wonderful day with her cousins and grandparents. DH went with her obviously. This was the first time I didn’t attend an “outing” with them. I told DH how nice it would be to have bb out of the house so I could get some me time/peace and quiet/do whatever I wanted. He complied and decided to take her out since he had a day off on Remembrance Day. This was the first time I’ve been home by myself without them. It was weird at first since I would miss seeing her interact with others outside, but I cherished the me time. It was nice not to hear a sound and attribute it to bb waking up.
  • During the evening, we let bb play with the kitchen set. All of us were so excited about the mini toys.
  • I looked up how others have modified the duktig kitchen to become a functional one for toddlers. It’s also kind of bittersweet that bb is growing up so fast that soon we’ll be training her to wash her hands and “cut” food and prep and basically be an independent person. She’s no longer a baby.
  • Also coupled with the fact that her older cousin will be enrolled in daycare soon and it makes us think we likely will enroll her too. She’ll be attending “school”/daycare before kindergarten, which means we won’t have her for the full day anymore. It is so fast how they grow up. It’s so cliche but so true. Where did the last 13-ish months of her being a baby go?!
  • Even though she got the duktig kitchen to play with, during dinner time she still liked to raid the cupcakes and touch and hold the items in our pantry. She knows what is real and what is not and prefers the real items than the make-believe ones.
  • I gave her bits of bread this morning dipped in some green smoothie that DH made and she can eat bread so well now! Not like a few months ago when she wouldn’t chew properly or spit it up. I just want her to eat enough as I’m fearful she’s not eating enough solids..
  • Nov 12: So the big news is out. We’re moving!!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ We were able to buy a house in the midst of the pandemic and all-high housing market rates which we feel very grateful and blessed about. More to come (and just like the other two times I’ve moved since starting this blog, I hope to blog about this move as well :)), but for now, we’ll be continuing to declutter and organized until the big day.
  • Remember that nice green Amazon/jungle themed exersaucer that I was so excited to purchase for her from earlier this year? That was prior to me buying into the Montessori schooling and so especially since we’re moving, I’m ready to let go of his (same as DH). She doesn’t play with it anymore and it’s mostly sound-based/button-pressing toys that I rather her not play with. As much as I wanted to keep it for the next sibling, who knows when that will be and she’s already got the other exersaucer too. One is quite enough. I had a feeling DH might have wanted to sell that one too, but I feel it wasteful to sell it and then purchase another if and when a next sibling comes. We’ll see.
  • She’s walking so well now!! It was only about a day and a half ago that she was still a little hesitant and took mini steps. Now she can stand for about a minute in place and walk 2 meters before wanting to sit down or crouch to the floor. Babies learn so quickly!
  • Two areas of improvement we’d like to see from her are: sleeping longer stretches through the night (6 hours maybe?? 7? 8? Ok now I’m getting greedy). And the second item is for her to eat more solids. I guess I can now call her “picky”. There are some foods like yogurt and oatmeal that she eats with no fuss or problem. Some other food items, she spits out or doesn’t chew properly and ends up gagging. I have a slight gut feeling it could be due to a tongue tie problem but then again I know nothing about them.. will definitely inquire about it when she has her 15-month well visit in December.
  • By the time our house is ready to move into, it’ll be mid or late December. It’s crazy how fast it’s been and it’s already mid-November! I feel like Halloween just passed. (We still need to throw out our jack-o-lantern lol)
  • Lately, when DH puts her to bed, she passes out by snuggling up on the green Keroppi blanket that we leave on the couch. She knows to sleep there. Once asleep, DH transfers her to the crib.
  • Bb also recognizes that it’s usually DH or grandma that puts her to bed. I was in the room with her once trying to get her to bed, and she actually closed the door said “bye bye” to me. She knows I’m not usually the one to put her to bed 🀣
  • When we move to the new place, we’ll probably try giving her a floor bed. Soon at least.
  • She can rip apart the velcro plastic vegetable toys on her own.
  • This week, she likes to hold the bottle cap of the bottle as she’s drinking from it. She likes to put the cap back on. She has improved the way she knows to put the cap on the bottle correctly.
  • Once we see her grunting, we know that a poo diaper is imminent.
  • Since last week, she’s been feeding tomatoes to DH. Grandma harvested a bunch of mini tomatoes from the backyard and had placed a bowl of them in the living room. Bb saw the basket of tomatoes and took out one at a time and fed to DH. Lol. She kept feeding him even when he wasn’t done chewing one yet. So funny.
  • Nov 13: currently waiting in the car for her to wake up so we can have a late brunch inside the restaurant that we went to five years ago as an anniversary celebration. The car ride was only 5 mins but she still fell asleep lol…. joys of parenthood: stomach grumbling but waiting for the mini-you to wake up in order to eat. Letting her sleep since she doesn’t nap enough.
  • She rode in a shopping cart for the first time! We went to home depot. She enjoyed the ride and didn’t complain much.
  • She sat so well in the high chair at eggsmart while we had brunch. She played with the butter and jam containers lol (dropped them).
  • She wasn’t as cooperative when we were at the Jerusalem restaurant buffet at night. She kept wanting to walk around or be held. But one of the staff complimented on how well she behaved and how she didn’t cry. πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸΌ
  • Oh, also the first time we changed her in public in the washroom on one of those plastic changing pads.
  • Nov 16: She’s been walking so well. As another friend who saw her on video said, it’s “toddling” and it’s so cute. πŸ˜† Maybe I should film her from the back and share it.
  • She loves eating yogurt. She can easily polish off a small tub by herself.
  • This week, she can be enticed into sitting in her high chair to eat which helps us save so much energy to not chase her around to feed her.
  • She sometimes repeats what we say. She can say “fall” (“deet”) when climbing up on something since we usually are afraid of her falling.
  • After following me into the bathroom, she’ll watch me finish sitting on the toilet seat, gesture for me to pull my pants up, then gesture for me to flip down the toilet lid, and then flush. She wants and tries to flush the toilet herself but can’t do it.
  • She knows her dad is called “baba” and says “ba” when looking out for him. Yesterday when DH came home and took a shower upstairs, bb climbed up the stairs and said “ba” along the way and ventured into the bathroom to look for him. He didn’t let her see him, but she knew full well where he was πŸ˜†.
  • She likes being spun around and giggles.
  • She can climb up into the high chair so quickly without us knowing. We have to be careful and alert. I was on the sofa chair tonight and she “ran” up the high chair and then “shouted” from it to let us know she was up there. I was shocked to see her up there already.
  • Despite the new IKEA kitchen toy we got her, she still likes playing with the actual kitchen items in our kitchen.
  • It’s so nice that she can walk around now on her own. Less need to hold her and take her around the house. However (!!!), she still likes being held often and demands to be held. She’ll go to us, hug our knees, look up at us and make a grunt or sound to let us know she wants to be held. And she won’t take no for an answer either…
  • She can eat regular oatmeal no problem. No need to purchase baby oatmeal anymore then πŸ˜€
  • Remember the first exersaucer I got for her like at week 26? Since we’re moving and decluttering, we’ve decided to get rid of one of her exersaucers. (She has 2.) As much as I like the Amazon themed one, it’s not very educational and relies mostly on battery-operated features for fun, which I prefer that she plays manually with toys instead. And thus, I put it up on marketplace and in less than a few hours, a mom messaged me about it and etransferred me and picked it up a few days later. So awesome. This is the first toy I’ve bought FROM marketplace and then sold back to someone on marketplace lol. Amazing.
  • She giggled at a metal pot rolling on the floor. Best simple “toys” to show how things roll and move.
  • DH taught her how to “pour” from a toy teapot into water and how to drink from it. She learned fast.
  • She picked up a rubber band from the counter. She played with it in her hands and then walked to the bathroom. She dropped it into the trash bin. Good job, she knew to throw it out as trash πŸ˜†.
  • On Sunday, we took her to Pacific Mall for the first time since DH needed new glasses. She was so timid and shy when people spoke to her. This pandemic baby needs more social interaction.
  • It was her first time on one of those moving toys in a mall. She didn’t really know what to do but she did touch and spin the wheel on the toy airplane.
  • She switched to using size 4 diapers sometime last few weeks. Love how I had bought a bunch from marketplace so we are all stocked up. Will keep an eye out for more diapers from marketplace soon since the stock will eventually dwindle – she uses less diapers now than compared to the newborn stage.
  • She holds our hand when walking and it’s the cutest thing ever – “tal sau zai”
  • Also, this week, her lips cracked for the first time. 😦 We were visiting the new house and I noticed her lips were so dry they cracked and had blood. It was heartbreaking to see!! We put chapstick on her lips in the car and she actually knew that we were putting stuff on her lips. She didn’t try to eat the chapstick at all. Very impressive. We have to make sure we drink enough fluids since winter here can be so drying.
  • We also bought a humidifier to put in her room to increase the moisture too.

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  2. gchan7127 says:

    Awww she’s so smart!! “Bb also recognizes that it’s usually DH or grandma that puts her to bed. I was in the room with her once trying to get her to bed, and she actually closed the door said β€œbye bye” to me. She knows I’m not usually the one to put her to bed”

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