I’m moving!

Finally, after 4 full days of not sleeping in a full bed, no TV, sofa, dining table, computer desks, and your usual home furnishings, we’re moving!! It’s been such a stressful and difficult 14 or so days of packing up the last 18 years of my life into boxes or straight into the trash. Depending on how you look at it, one of the downsides of living in a two-storey house with a full basement is that because there is so much space, you end up storing and putting away a lot of stuff, that frankly, you will never use again. It’s natural to want to put things away for ‘later’ as we’re all (most of us at least) natural hoarders and want to save everything. In the past month of clearing out the house, I’ve thrown out countless childhood toys, old family letters, schoolwork dating from kindergarten, decorative pieces, and more. So many odds and ends that really have no purpose that have filled every corner. The last 24 hours have truly been a nightmare where we’ve discovered even more junk stored away behind cupboards and boxes. I never realised how much time and effort it takes to sort and decide what to keep or dispose. I’ve barely been able to do anything else since my first task of every minute is to SORT, PACK, DISPOSE, MOVE! Moving really is one of the most stressful segments of life. I’ve taken this ‘lesson’ to learn to be more minimalistic and to not keep everything that comes my way. Even when I was in China and Nashville recently, I had put this train of thought into place and hardly bought any souvenirs for myself. It’s so much easier and simpler to live a clutterless life. :). (Besides, I’m more of a person that likes to spend money on unique experiences rather than on material things.) And with that, I’ll stop with the blabber about cleaning. Twelve hours to count down to until this old home becomes history!! Finally. Can’t wait to sleep in a new place and call it home by Friday night. ^_^


About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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8 Responses to I’m moving!

  1. hollyedejer says:

    I’m such a pack rat, which is terrible because I also hate clutter!

    Let me know when you’re fully moved in and settled in the ‘hood~ So excited for you 😀

  2. stenoodie says:

    I’M ALL MOVED IN! Woohoooo! (Well, not ALL furniture nor belongings, but we’re officially in the hooood!) 😀 😀

    I’m going to take this next year while I’m here to sort out my clutter even more and minimize what I own. Dare I say I will throw out some of my musical programmes too? :O

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