Pandemic 2021 Delivery Eats: 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen (Richmond Hill)

food from 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen

1915 Lan Zhou Ramen located at 9021 Leslie St in Richmond Hill

November 16, 2021:  Finally a restaurant review?!  This one is about 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen, a noodles restaurant located on Leslie Avenue north of Highway 7 in Richmond Hill.  It’s been a while since I food blogged and I have missed it, but it’s because I haven’t found the extra time (or mental capacity) to do it.  We actually have ordered delivery from 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen a few times already, but this is the first time I’m blogging about it.  (More restaurant reviews to come hopefully when I have more time to do so since I have more favourites I want to share.)

First of all, we ordered dinner takeout from 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen via the food delivery app called “FOD” or “Food on Delivery”.  Thanks to a foodie who posted about this food delivery service last year, I was able to learn about how affordable it can be to order food and have it delivered.  FOD caters mostly to Asian restaurants so unfortunately you won’t be able to order shawarmas or Italian pasta or Greek gyros here.  It’s all about the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Shanghainese cuisine, etc. There are so many steep discounts (like 50% off) with free delivery for select restaurants and you get to accumulate points too to save on future orders.  It’s the best food app for Asian-centric restaurants, hands down.

Delivery time for FOD takes about 30 to 40 minutes on average but has taken up to an hour (like the very first time we ordered from it), so order accordingly.  We ordered seven items (3 noodles, 1 rice, 2 sides, and 1 dessert) and after tax and tips, the total was only $49!  That’s $7 per item!  Love, love, love this delivery app.  In the past, they had 30% off the entire restaurant and free delivery.  This time, it was a 50% off and no free delivery.  It didn’t matter though because the total was so cheap anyway. 

1915 Lan Zhou Ramen Richmond Hill takeout order

The spread from 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen Richmond Hill

I thoroughly enjoyed the items this time.  The noodles with chicken sauce (served chilled) were the best.  They were dry noodles with sauce and chicken strips mixed in.  You could choose the type of noodles (silk thin, classic, thick, very thick).  I always love silk thin and these fit the dish so well.  

The “1915 noodle with beef” came with soup.  For this one, I chose the classic noodle type.  It was still really good and the noodles were so soft and fine even though they looked dry upon opening the container.  The slices of beef were so thin and tender too.  

The third noodle dish was also a chilled noodle.  It was only $6.50 and seemed like an appetizer type of dish, but the portion was pretty good.  It was thick-cut noodles with a spicy sauce.  It was pretty good.  I would have preferred if the thick noodles didn’t stick to each other so much though. 

The rice with braised pork came with a tea egg.  This dish was all right.  DH and my mom loved it though.  

 fried pork ribs and green onion pancakes

Fried pork ribs ($8) and green onion pancakes ($4.50)

Oh, the deep fried pork ribs were AMAZING!  I ordered this the first time we tried this restaurant too but I forgot if I liked it or not (and I didn’t have time to blog about it).  This order solidified my decision; they’re delicious!  The batter tasted like Taiwanese fried chicken bites — crunchy on the outside but so tender and flavourful on the inside — but yet it was pork ribs!  There were only about eight pieces in the paper bag, but they were so satisfying and delicious.  I would definitely order this again.  

I was craving for green onion pancakes and these didn’t disappoint.  Sure, they could have been bigger in size and had more fragrant green onion flavour, but I liked them enough as is.  

The red bean paste pancakes were very good.  They were still warm in the box.  They were not too sweet either.  

Loved this takeout experience from 1915 Lan Zhou Ramen restaurant.  I’m so glad they are on FOD with such a steep discount! ^_^

(In terms of pandemic takeout points, all the food items were delivered in either plastic containers or Styrofoam.  The pork ribs were in a paper bag.  I’m so glad that no utensils were included as specified [sometimes the restaurant disregards my instructions and still puts them in the bag… much to my chagrin.]  The FOD food handler was fast and handed the two bags of food to us when he arrived at the door.)


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    Great, thorough review.

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