Brain dump with baby – week 17

More thoughts to purge/remember for a 17-week-old baby:

  • She’s 4 months old now!!!
  • She is screaming and “talking” loudly these days ^_^.
  • Her 3 month old onesies are getting very snug.
  • Jan 18 – I went 10 hrs and 49 mins since the last pump (and also had 7 hrs of sleep đŸ¥³) and yielded 431ml in total after pumping 43 mins on each side. That is probably the longest I’ve gone so far since the last pump.  I’m averaging three pump sessions per every 24 hours now.  Average milk produced per day is about 840ml. It’s going down a bit.
  • Dreamfed her one time and it’s so much easier than feeding her during the day lol. By that I mean she just drinks and continues sleeping. There’s no wrangling or fidgeting like during the daytime feeds. Hubby has always taken the night shift and I didn’t know what feeding her at night was like until now.
  • My right nipple cracked and bled for the first time while a Haakaa was on it!! So scary when I looked down and there was blood. Thank goodness it stopped soon and wasn’t painful.
  • We need to upgrade to the three-month-old-and-up bottle nipples soon. Sbe seems to be drinking the milk slower than is ideal.
  • She seems to enjoy tummy time. She likes to look around from her new angle when on her tummy. She can do 5 minutes kind of regularly at once now if I dangle the turquoise triangular rattle toy in front of her. Edit:  Oh, new record: 8 minutes!
  • She keeps practising leaning forward when we’re holding her. Her neck is continuing to grow stronger.
  • We bought an exersaucer for her from FB marketplace (best buy/sell platform everrrr) and she tried it out again for a few minutes. She is still too small to sit independently inside of it. We fit a folded blanket to place behind her back for support.
  • She’s moved up to the level 2 Kirkland Costco branded diapers now! They’re a wee big on her now but she has definitely outgrown the size 1 ones.
  • She still keeps scratching her face and leaving big unsightly scabs.. đŸ˜¦
  • Her grip is super strong now. She has started to grab hold of and hold onto my hair now.. and not letting go.
  • At the dining table, she will watch us eat. Whoever is holding her, when we bring food to our mouths, she will follow the food to our mouths with her eyes.
  • I think the infamous four month sleep regression has landed upon us… all of a sudden this week she is waking up almost every hour at night (after an initial 3 or 4 hour sleep) to cry or feed.
  • Her screams have evolved to be so high pitched like a little girl screaming on purpose.
  • She still has two big poops per day every day.
  • Recently even though she still sometimes gag or makes a “gagging sound”, she doesn’t actually barf it all out anymore. Yay! Along the same vein, she rarely throws up her whole stomach contents anymore too. Yay. Her stomach sphincter is more mature now then.
  • She makes me chuckle and laugh with her laughs more than I actively make her laugh. XD
  • Like hubby mentioned to someone else, whenever she cries continuously and inconsolably, at a certain point she cries and then the cry gets so intensified that it’s like she’s “frozen” for a second and silent before she continues the cry. It’s weird but heartwrenching to see.
  • Looking to get a floor play mat for her to start playing on soon. So far her tummy time play has always been on a bed — not firm enough to support her crawling skills yet. Edit: two mommy friends recommended the one from Costco for $60 ish.
  • The postpartum hair loss has begun. I noticed a lot more single hairs coming out onto my clothes randomly than before.  They all tend to be the younger shorter hairs too instead of the longer coarse ones.  I actually don’t mind the hair fallout so far.  I feel like it’s a “refresh” to lose some hair after all the hairs that stayed in during the 10 months of pregnancy. At the same time though, if and when I have huge clumps of hair falling out, I might have a different outlook by then.
  • So thankful that my mom really enjoys childcare and loves feeding and playing with bb.
  • She’s started to follow her eyes to our mouths when we eat. She sometimes starts moving her mouth like how we chew.
  • She’s imitated her daddy’s lips sometimes when he talks to her or makes certain mouth movements.
  • I still notice that she grows gradually every day and looks slightly different every day or time I hold her.
  • When sleeping at night, she likes one arm out of the swaddle. She doesn’t like having both arms held down.
  • She is so “sturdy” now. Chunky and firm.

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