Week 72: “ji gay” – miss independent

Week 72:

  • Feb 5: This week, her new thing is to say “ji gay” (自己) and then looking at me intently and trying to do whatever it is she’s going herself lol. She pushes us away and wants to do things by herself.
  • When counting beads on the Melissa and Doug abacus, she likes to say “ji gay” and count the beads herself. She counts up to two (in Cantonese) always and I think I heard a “three” the other day too but it hasn’t been consistent yet.
  • She doesn’t let us sit next to her and will say “mm bay” and make us move out of the way or get up.
  • Today, since DH and mom are out fixing up the old house, I’m responsible for taking care of her and putting her down for her nap. She tries to fight her sleep and I tried to delay it. She didn’t want me putting her sleep sack on so after about 10 mins of waiting for her to sleep, I left the room and told her to sleep. She actually laid down on the side of the mattress and then looked up, said “deng” (light), pointed to the doors “moon”, and then she snuggled up against her sleep sack and fell asleep. Yay! So glad.
  • Feb 9: The stress and frustration continues as our old house gets renovated. Why are contractors so shady?! When will everything get done? Will it all be finally done in time?! One day at a time…
  • It’s been a harrowing week as grandma spends the day at the old house cleaning and supervising the contractor. Meanwhile I’m at home on full baby care like no other time before. Half of her toys are still in boxes and while it was fun last week to have less toys out, it is time to bring back some so she can play “kitchen” again and other things. 70% of our things are still in boxes and unpacked. Unpacking has been put on the backburner as we try to navigate the stresses of the renovation and the various things that come along with it.
  • Luckily, there have been no job requests lately as I would have to turn them down. But then again, I miss stenoing and the thrill and satisfaction of completing transcripts. It’s been a slow month but eventually work will pick back up again.
  • She loves eating Cheerios this week. She can now eat them dry and likes to eat them with her hands. She points to the box but is unable to say “Cheerios” yet. It is a difficult three-syllable word!
  • She can say “vitamin” which sounds similar in both English and Cantonese. One of her first three-syllable words that she has progressed to.
  • She can say almost anything now by repeating after us. I notice that when she says something with the “s” sound, she says it from her throat. She’s unable to pronounce the “sss” sound from her lips; she hasn’t learned it yet.
  • When BIL came over to help with the moving/unpacking, bb said “suk suk” but from her throat. It was amusing lol.
  • Another interesting part is that she kept calling for him even when he had left the house temporarily. She’s not ready still to interact with others even though she can confidently call their name.
  • After pooping (evident from her grunts or from the smell), sometimes she says “been been”. When should we start potty training her?
  • Can’t believe she will be 17 months old next week! Almost 1.5 years old.
  • She likes playing hide and seek “lay my” with us this week by hiding behind the play kitchen in the corner. But when I tried to hide around the kitchen island with her and she didn’t see me, she started to whimper and pout. The same thing happened one time several months ago when DH played hide and week with her at the old house and she didn’t see him, she started to cry. Lol…
  • She’s been so great at falling asleep by herself this week for naps. No need for milk and no need to rock her. I never did anyway. I put her in the room. She refused the sleep sack sometimes. I left the room and she talked to herself for a while (pointed at the doors and at the things on the blanket) before lying down, saying “gau ju” and then falling asleep within 2 to 15 mins. No crying. So so great!!
  • When she was crawling up the basement stairs, there was dust on the sides that were no clean. She got dust on her hands and she sounded so distressed when she put her hands out. She could feel it was dirty. I washed her hands right away.
  • She has been playing with the Melissa and Doug play wooden toolbox this week, namely the screws. The screws have been great to teach her how to turn and remove them from the squares.
  • She’s also been using the screws as the instrument for the xylophone. She enjoys music so much.
  • She’s been returning to play with the Intellitainer exersaucer this week too. She’s been playing with it so much that some of the buttons don’t play the songs they originally did anymore. It’s unfortunate.
  • She loves wiggling to music when she first hears it. I have been turning on the old school radio in the kitchen. She loves to turn down the volume, say “yum lok”, I turn it up, and she repeats it. She likes to have the cassette player part open (I open it for her). Yes, the radio/cassette player is from the 90s and still works perfectly 😄. I use it for the radio.
  • She shakes her head “no” when she doesn’t want to eat anymore.
  • Not sure if I included this yet, but she has been able to put her hands towards us and say “po po” (抱抱) to have us hold her.

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