19mths, 3weeks old: Crackers fiend, “Happy birthday” song

Toddler on the swing

On the swings

Week 86 of motherhood / 19mth, 3weeks old: 

May 18:

  • I started off week 86 with full-on springtime allergy symptoms. I didn’t realize the outing downtown would have left my sinuses so attacked. I think I was also dehydrated from being out and not intaking as much fluids as I usually do at home. Springtime runny nose combined with a sore throat that seemingly came from eating too much “yet hay” foods left me battling cold, cough, and sore throat symptoms.
  • We didn’t go anywhere all weekend as a result of that.
  • Bb had a runny nose too. We checked ourselves using the RAT test and we were negative.
  • We got bb a bottle of Stodal homeopathic multi symptom liquid medicine from the pharmacy just in case. Surprisingly, she didn’t hate the syrup and drank all 5mL of it each time without complaint. Her runny nose slowly receded, but it was the first time we’ve seen her with runny snot and snot plugged up in her nose. She also didn’t sleep well.. perhaps her nose was plugged up.
  • It’s been maybe one out of seven nights this week that she’s slept through the night..
  • She is obsessed with eating the Breton crackers at every meal and snack. She eats at least 2 or 3 every time. What is it with the crackers? 🍪
  • Bb continues to enjoy reading and looking at all the books she has. She likes the “Healthy healthy” book still and will go straight to the “Happy birthday” song part. She still mispronounces it and I still have yet to capture this on video..
  • It was so hot the past week (25, 26 degrees) that we didn’t bring her to the park. And because of my allergies, I stayed indoors. I momentarily missed the prolonged mild cold weather we were having in April.
  • But the last couple of days, she’s been out with DH again to the park. I’ve been staying home to avoid all the pollen.
  • Bb’s started to sing some kind of song that we can’t place our fingers on…
  • Work-wise, I was giving three short steno jobs this week! Yay! I didn’t realize how much I missed/enjoy stenoing and then scoping the transcript afterwards. It’s more enjoyable than pure transcription. I also realize how I can only do short jobs (less than 3 hrs) for the time being since I feel like the job really drags on.. it’s a welcome break from childrearing, that’s for sure.
  • I used to take photos daily of her, but nowadays it’s been reduced to one or two or even none.
  • DH has started to let bb repeat after him when reading to her. She can actually repeat in short after him! She doesn’t pronounce everything perfectly and she has a Cantonese accent to her English words lol.

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