25 months, 1 week old – English word equivalents

 Toddler looking at autumn leaves

Beautiful fall foliage

25 months and one week old: 

  • October 26:  So the new size 3 overnight diapers didn’t work.  Bb still leaked in the morning through her clothes.  Bb is about 25 to 26 pounds now so she’s just right above the size 3 mark and really into the size 4, but I guess when DH was shopping, he only looked at the weight and figured bb was still within the diaper range and bought size 3.  It’s either the size 3 overnights aren’t good at all or we need size 4 overnights.  We also decided to remove one bottle of milk from her nighttime routine (we usually give her one bottle an hour or so before bathtime and then one to sleep with).  We’ve now removed the one before bedtime and we found that she didn’t leak the next morning.
  • Bb has been sleeping from 9ish p.m. to 6ish a.m. and getting up for some milk before finally waking at 7 or 8 a.m.ish.  It’s a big improvement from the last couple of weeks where she consistently woke up around 4 a.m.  DH said he changed up the routine where he would get her to sleep on the floor from the beginning instead of sleeping on him.  This allows her to be able to snuggle on the floor bed easily and not be used to sleeping right up against someone.  Learning and growing pains…
  • This week, bb has shown immense interest in learning the English words of things in her books.  She’ll ask what the English equivalent of certain animals and words are.  She still has a Cantonese accent when speaking the English words but she’s slowly getting the hang of it.  Now that I finally again changed more items from my phone to my hard drive, I should seriously capture more of her language skills on video.
  • When bathing these days, she doesn’t play with her food and kitchen toys as much in the bath.
  • With the new size 3 diapers that we got for her, she now has a preference towards those diapers and doesn’t like us to put the old size 4 Kirklands on her anymore.  When she’s out from her bath and we are getting her in the diapers, we have to trick her to think we’re putting the new size 3s on her when we’re actually putting the size 4s on her (the size 4s are larger still and absorb more).  We actually let her turn off the light so that DH could put her diaper on in the dark without her seeing which diaper it was lol.
  • I think I’m starting the nesting instinct — I was wondering when it was going to come up.  I have been wanting to clean out the laundry room and we finally had some time to do it today. We threw out a lot of useless container lids and bins.  We still have to clean out the plastic cabinets in there and once that’s done, we can move on to the basement where we can sort out some unnecessary items that’s been stashed away in the closets.  Last time I was nesting with the first pregnancy, I was so interested in putting items on marketplace to sell.  This time, I’m not as focused on that.  I still wish more people would buy my items from my marketplace listings.  The sales have really slowed down this year… I used to sell or give an item away daily!  Now I’m lucky to get an item leave the house once a week.
  • Found out why my breakfast glucose numbers have been slightly elevated.  It was because the brand of Lactantia lactose free 2% milk that we got from Food Basics (because Walmart ran out) has 12 g of sugar as opposed to the 7 g that the other brand had!  No wonder I wasn’t able to tolerate milk during breakfast suddenly.  (I was doing well with it prior.)
  • On the Thursday, we took bb to the library with the nice play space again and this time there weren’t any kids to interact with her.  One played by herself and then left soon after we got there and the other girl who came later kept close to her mom.  Bb actually wasn’t as interested in playing with the toys there this time either.  She actually was more interested in wanting me to read to her.  We read about three books, one about animals, one about families, and one about trucks.  She was the most interested in the families one.
  • After the library visit, we went for dim sum at Chef 88.  I’ve been wanting to eat siu mai and chicken feet and the like.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really have my cravings satisfied because I found the dim sum somewhat sweet and not like the savoury umami flavour that I wanted.  My suspicions were confirmed when my glucose level was through the roof at 8.9!  What the heck?!
  • We visited the supermarket afterwards.  We used a pulley cart for the first time.  Bb was so excited to pull it herself and also grab items from the produce bins and put them into the cart.  I let her.  She wanted a bag of tangerines, I let her put it in.  She wanted two bags of red and green grapes.  I let her put it in. Et cetera.  We just had to make sure we returned those items afterwards since we weren’t really going to buy them all.  It’s important for her to express herself and practise grocery shopping if she wants to.  There’s no harm done anyway.  I would tell her to not poke holes in the saran-wrapped produce though.
  • Bb felt so free to run and check out different parts of the grocery store.  But once she felt unsafe or uncomfortable, it was funny to watch her run back to me.  She’s much more comfortable in public now and doesn’t care about about strangers around her.
  •  It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t want to wear the new sleep sacks that I got for her… I wonder why she refuses them?
  • Speaking of buying stuff, bb still continues to ask who bought certain things for her.  Who bought the big dinosaur stuffy for her?  Who bought the chairs?  Who bought the book for her?  She knows that the mouse doll was purchased for her by her grandma and that the monster doll was made by her other grandma.
  • When we had contractors over this Saturday to finish some repair work, bb wasn’t very scared.  She would have been before.  It’s so cool to see her progress through her fears.
  • The weather have been so nice the past couple of days and we’ve been enjoying the weather outside with the fall leaves.  I let bb play with the leaves when we go out on our walks.
  • We attended our very first baptism this weekend for a friend’s baby!  Bb wasn’t the most quiet when the ceremony was in progress at the church.  Bb even felt comfortable enough to talk loudly when we were sitting in the pews.  We tried to keep her entertained and she was looking through the hymn books but it only lasted so long before DH took her outside for some milk.
  • We went to two buffet lunches this past week.  The second visit, bb was so used to the environment and sat so incredibly well in the high chair eating the strips of cheese pizza I cut for her.  She then requested for the big juicy blue grapes and sat so well in her seat eating them too.  We could actually eat in peace without catering to her for a few minutes.  This is the joy of eating with an older child and I know it’ll improve as the years go by (however, it’ll be paused again shortly with the birth of an another one soon).
  • We can also take group photos with bb now and she won’t shirk away from the other people in the photo.
  • We visited a new library yesterday which consisted of a small play space with a bead runner toy and some flex foam sheets.  While the space was small, I really liked how they had a dedicated Chinese picture book section.  We spent more time reading there than playing with the limited toys.  Bb really enjoys reading, and I’m so glad.  She kept asking for more books to be read to her.
  • I still cut up her fruits (like grapes) into length-wise for her.  But today, she wanted to try eating one whole by herself.  She actually did it too!  She was so proud when I applauded her on it.
  • Bb tells us she has to go to the washroom but by the time she has, she’s already pooped in her diaper already.  How to go about training her to inform us BEFORE she actually goes?  And we have two months to go if we want to have her potty trained before the new sibling arrives…
  • I can actually distinguish (31 weeks) when the fetus is hiccuping now.  I felt the little rhythmic heartbeat-like movements a while ago, but I wasn’t sure.  But now I’m sure they were hiccups.  They seem down low, so hopefully this means that the head is down… We’ll know next week at the ultrasound BPP scan but 31 weeks is still early and there is still time for the baby to flip.
  • When sitting on the couch and reading, bb had her feet next to my stomach and accidentally kicked it.  In response, the baby inside kicked back.  Lol.  It happened a couple of times too, so I know that the one inside is responding to the action outside.  Bb sometimes puts her hands on my belly but her hand is so small and light that it doesn’t trigger any movement from the bb inside.  Bb also tried to high five the fetus too lol.
  • Mom felt the baby kick for the first time this week.  It’s much delayed compared to DH who has felt it multiple times now.  He’s felt the really big kicks and waves too.  This kid just likes to kick in response to a hand on the belly and is very “interactive”.
  • I’m so big now, as big as I was with bb full-term.  How will I go another two months of growing?
  • Confirmed with OB that I can eat medium-rare steaks (yay, date night soon) but raw fish is off limits.
  • Fasting numbers are still high in the mornings… 5.4, 5.6…

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