Stroganoff restaurant in Richmond Hill

November 30, 2018:  Yay!  We finally got to try this restaurant out!  We came to this restaurant, Stroganoff, a few weeks ago on a Sunday during the Remembrance Day weekend where it just so happened that many restaurants in the area were all closed.  When we walked in on that day, despite seeing unoccupied tables inside Stroganoff, we were turned down because their tables were all reserved.  We went to another great European restaurant instead (blog to come).  

Thus, after that experience, we made sure to book a table at Stroganoff before arriving.

We arrived at Stroganoff ahead of our 7 p.m. booking and when I informed the server of a reservation, she gestured to the empty restaurant as in to say basically ‘take your pick’.  The restaurant was beautifully decorated in the Christmas holiday with a nice Christmas tree in the corner.  The restaurant was so cozy and open concept.  I liked how each table had a mini Christmas tree or flickering mimic candle to enhance the mood even further.

We took a look at the menu and ordered all small plates to share.  I was more interested in those than any of the mains.

We also received a basket of bread before we even ordered.  There was white and multigrain with lots of butter packets and a side of slightly spicy tomato sauce.

The items arrived to our table gradually. The first was the cold herring dish (Selyodka)!  I still have very fond memories of eating this at Aragvi and enjoyed this dish here too.  The herring was tender and pickled and the onions were pickled too.  The Selyodka was served with a side of boiled potatoes.

The Ukrainian Borsch was delicious!!  Its taste was so refreshing and “ching”.  The soup had lots of cabbage, potatoes, and beets in it with a dollop of sour cream.

The Golubtsy (cabbage rolls) came as three with a side of sour cream.  Oh my goodness, these were so delicious!!  The cabbage rolls were humongous and a great appetizer for a table of 6 even each person were to eat one half.  For us, it was more of a main dish.  I loved how tender and savory and flavourful the cabbage roll was!!  The meat inside the roll was so moist and succulent.  This might have been the best cabbage roll I’ve ever had ^_^.

The Mamaliga (polenta) dish came as a big “brick” with two sides of sour cream and feta cheese.  The polenta was just okay since it was just plain and bland.  It isn’t an appetizer you want to eat on your own in my opinion — it pairs better as a side dish.

The last thing we had were the Stroganoff-Style Pelmeni (meat dumplings with mushroom sauce on it)!  It arrived in the cutest little pot with a lid on it.  I suggest eating this dish when it first arrives and is hot because the sauce loses heat quickly and doesn’t taste as good as when it’s served hot and fresh (we had so many other dishes on the table already so this was left behind a bit).  This was still yummy and the meat inside the dumplings was so firm.

I love food like this where you can order a lot and share the different varieties 😁.  I’d love to return again and try their other dishes!

Stroganoff Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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