2022 Year End Review

I am actually unprepared to write this year’s year-end review, shockingly!  We did so many more things this year than the past two years combined due to lifting of pandemic restrictions and loosening of COVID-19 scares. 

In January, we moved into the new house after officially becoming homeowners last year.  It was not the smoothest move and riddled with a few hiccups but we successfully moved in and started living in our own home.

In March and April, I became bored of doing just transcription audio work and asked for remote Zoom exam jobs.  My last live job before that had been in September 2020 before I gave birth to the firstborn.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the live steno jobs until I started on them again.  I took on only half-day jobs so that I wouldn’t be knee-deep in transcript editing and still have time for my child.  It was great that my mom was able to look after the child for me while I took on those jobs.

Summer this year was full of fun activities and events.  The MAP Pass that DH lined up to obtain allowed us to visit many museums and cultural attractions around the city.  We had never driven downtown more often pre-pandemic than in this year alone.  It was just more convenient and made sense to drive directly downtown.  Our excursions included visits to the zoo, Science Centre, and visits to the ROM, Black Creek Pioneer Village, MOCA, Leslieville, Railway Museum, and lots of restaurant dine-in visits.  As much as I enjoyed and loved being a homebody at home the past two years, I felt like I really wanted and craved going out just anywhere and not be at home.  I saw so many more friends this year again.

In April, we confirmed our second pregnancy.  This pregnancy was tiring and made me hormonal in the first trimester but overall was a good one.  I had gestational diabetes again, only this time I had to take bedtime insulin too.  It was difficult but I managed and did it.  I took as many walks as I could during the nice weather to stay in good shape.  The last couple of weeks of pregnancy was physically straining and tiring.  We gave birth in December to a second daughter (again to everyone’s surprise).

We didn’t travel anywhere this year with the exception of a short road trip to Port Hope.  Perhaps next year we will be comfortable enough to fly on a plane again.

I caught COVID-19 in July when I was pregnant, which was a scary situation to be in, but luckily recovered with no lasting symptoms.

I did two reiki sessions this year and while the practitioner who practised on me was questionable, I think it did help me alleviate a lot of strained relationships and feelings.  It made me focus less on the negative side of things and be more compassionate and understanding than before.

It has been a pleasure watching our firstborn grow and develop into her own person.  I’m really grateful that we can spend so much time together and cherish these fleeting moments.

We step into 2023 as a fresh family of 4 (5 including my mom).  We will learn to navigate the daily challenges with a newborn and toddler but revel in the joys and fun of growing a young family.  The goal is to stay healthy and active next year more than ever before.  More walking and strength training to develop muscle and lose fat.

Thank you for tuning in for my 2022 recap and blog posts!  Happy new year, everyone! ❤


About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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  1. Ari October says:

    Congratulations on your growing family 💗🎉

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