Work over blogging? /CR Firsts

 14th floor of the Financial Services Tribunal

View from the 14th floor of the Financial Services Tribunal

Lately, I’ve taken the approach of preferring to work on my transcripts rather than blogging whereas in the past it’s always been blog posts before anything else to the point of staying up late until midnight or beyond to publish a post once per day.  As some of you might have noticed — and as I know it myself — I’ve been lacking in the department of daily posts lately.  It’s not that I’m uninspired — I already have a growing list of new backlogged posts already waiting for me to write and publish.   Continue reading


Review: Massage Habit

Massage Habit

Massage Habit located at 114 Tower Hill Rd. in Richmond Hill

Back in March of this year, I was alerted that Groupon was promoting $30 massages for a limited time on their site!  As we all might know, massages are not cheap so when I saw this amazing deal, I bought two of these Groupon deals right away.   Continue reading

stenoodie’s 2014 in review (WordPress version)

Wow!  It’s the second-last day of the year already!!!  Do you know what that means?  For me, that means recounting what happened in the past 357 days and posting it here for me to reflect on.  But before that happens, WordPress provided a neat little prezzie for us this year by accumulating all our stats for the year and summarizing it for us.   Continue reading

Back in Toronto! pt 2

Autumn trip 2014

Stop!  Reflection time!  The reason I started this very blog was only a little more than a year ago in March of 2013.  See the post here.  I remember flying back from my Asia trip and into Toronto and starting my blog the day afterwards.  I wanted a place to document my thoughts, pictures, and adventures but didn’t want to just shove a bunch of pictures onto the servers of Facebook anymore.   Continue reading

stenoodie’s first contest!!!

Who doesn’t like free things?!

Today, stenoodie launches their very first contest.  Woohoo!!!  This contest is open to anyone 18+ in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.  As a way to thank my readers who have been following stenoodie and enjoying my posts, I am giving away two 20% off discount cards to a restaurant that I’ve dined at recently — I’ve been to Aragvi Restaurant twice within the last month and have loved both their food and service (view my reviews here and here).   Continue reading