My friend has Lyme Disease

Back at a friend’s birthday celebration in 2012 where we wrote our dreams on paper balloons and launched them into the night sky. Yes, kind of like the scene in Tangled. : )

This is not a food post, but one that is more important to read about than food.  My friend Anna has been suffering from Lyme Disease for a couple of years now.  She first contracted the disease in 2008 from an infected tick bite.  Since then, her life has been flipped upside down and she can no longer be the happy, energetic, and healthy individual that she once was.  She has put her life and career goals on hold because she simply doesn’t have enough energy or health to live like a regular human being.  You can read her story here.

Canada doesn’t treat Lyme Disease, so Anna has to travel to the states every 6 weeks to get treatment.  This is not cheap!  She has to pay out of her own pocket and it’s now come to a point where she just doesn’t have enough to cover her own medical treatment (meds, doctor visits, IV Lyme Treatment, etc.).

If you are interested in learning more about her story and can help out by giving just a little bit, we can help her on her road to recovery.  It breaks my heart to know that she could give up the chance of fighting Lyme if she doesn’t have the funds for it.

Thank you for reading, guys!  Food posts to resume tomorrow!!  (And boy do I got a lot of good ones coming up!! ^_^ )


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19 Responses to My friend has Lyme Disease

  1. andy1076 says:

    oh man, To think one little creature could wreak so much havoc. :S

    • stenoodie says:

      Yes, it’s terrible! I guess you have heard about Lyme Disease before then? Always make sure to put on bug spray and take precautions when going out into the woods. You just never know. 😦

      • andy1076 says:

        Now I’m nervous, I used to camp every summer back in high school and winter in the snow too, Until yeah a fellow blogger almost lost her life and now your friend who is fighting it. Yipes! :0

      • stenoodie says:

        Yeah, it’s understandable to feel overcautious after hearing about these real stories. The worst part is that not a lot of people know about it and how it’s near impossible to get treated here in Canada… It’s good to be informed and to spread the word.

      • andy1076 says:

        That’s just weird, wonder why we wouldn’t have the proper treatment up here in Canada. Imagine the money insurance companies are making, that’s unfair. :-\

      • stenoodie says:

        Haha, tell me about it! It’s something to do with the politics and denying Lyme Disease as an actual disease. I’m actually not too clear about the details, but Anna sure knows all about it and could describe it to you fully if you want to know. I’m going to see if she can comment here and have her explain.

      • andy1076 says:

        I’ll be watching! let me know 🙂

      • stenoodie says:

        Hey Andy, Anna’s posted a comment. 🙂

    • Annie says:

      Hi Andy,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my plea through Karen’s blog.
      There are many reasons as to why Lyme Disease is not treated in Canada but much of the evidence suggests that it is just not profitable enough. I have had Lyme for 5 years and have seen countless (and I mean countless) of doctors and specialists who not only refused to do blood work but also sent me home with antidepressants, oxycodone for pain, etc., arguing that all of my symptoms (seizures, chronic joint and muscle pain, twitches, memory loss, chronic fatigue and weakness, cold sweats, insomnia, etc.) were a result of either depression or fibromyalgia. Now, if I chose to go their route, I would be taking their narcotics (oxycodone is highly addictive and terrible for you) for the rest of my life. Fibromyalgia in particular, cannot be cured and therefore, patients given this diagnosis are told they have to stay on medications that “manage” their symptoms for the rest of their lives and often; with hardly any relief.
      If the medical community in Canada would acknowledge, test for, and treat Lyme Disease properly, then a lot of the ailments that people live with today would virtually be non-existent and therefore; not profitable. Thus, the Canadian Medical Disciplinary Board is investigating and revoking licenses of those Canadian doctors who had enough heart to help their patients properly.

      Should you want a more comprehensive and extensive explanation, please watch the documentary “Under Our Skin”. Here is a link to the trailer

      I have been seeing my MD in the US for a year now. Last year I spent about $25K on treatment and this year it is estimated that I will be spending over $50K because I am now on intravenous. And guess what??? I am finally beginning to feel like my old self again. Its been five years and I am finally getting some semblance of my life back. I used to bw in a wheelchair and now I am able to hang out with friends. My eyes swell with tears as I tell you this.
      My doctor’s prognosis is another year.
      I am raising money because obviously I do not have $50K laying around. If you, or anyone who can, any amount (nothing is too small) would greatly be appreciated.

      Take care, Andy 🙂

      • stenoodie says:

        Hey Anna, thank you so much for taking the time to help us understand your situation more. Stay positive! 🙂

      • andy1076 says:

        I second that! 🙂

      • andy1076 says:

        I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through day to day, it’s not fair the way the system is. You would think that they would at least put us Canadian citizens needs first.

        I wonder, Would a fundraising event be an idea? sending you warm hugs and kudos for staying strong!

      • stenoodie says:

        Hey Andy, thank you so much for sympathizing with Anna’s situation. I was in such a shock for realizing that she has a year to go for treatments and yet it’s still going to cost around $50K that it spurred me to write up this blog post. She initiated the donation page sometime last year and that’s how she was able to get some help for her treatment last year. We’re sharing her story again to hopefully get some good hearts to help out once more. Maybe you can help as well? Even $10 makes a difference. She would love that.

      • andy1076 says:

        Keep spreading the word and sharing information about Lyme disease, I’ll be visiting the site once I get home from work 🙂

      • stenoodie says:

        I will! Thank you, Andy. You have such a kind heart. 🙂

      • andy1076 says:

        🙂 Thank you!

  2. God Bless Anna! Thanks for letting us know about her, Karen!!!

  3. Annie says:

    Hi Andy,

    My BFF and I have been toying with the idea of a fundraiser for a year now but the end of the day, we both don’t where to you begin. DO you have any experience with fundraisers? Could you give us ideas on how to get started and make it successful?

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