Court Reporter Appreciation Night

A room full of court reporters!!

I haven’t written anything on the topic of steno lately!  Here goes.  Tonight was Court Reporter Appreciation Night at my court reporting agency.  It was all about networking, seeing all my court reporter friends and colleagues again, snacking on some hors d’oeuvres, learning about some new technology that can help us deliver better reporting services, and learning how to brand ourselves as better reporters.  It’s all about self-improvement; something that I always strive to attain. 🙂

Looking around the room tonight, I recounted my first days of reporting experience where I shadowed almost every other reporter sitting in the room:  Teresa Forbes, Nancy Lowrey, Lisa Lamberti, Cynthia, Deborah, Chris, Victoria, Christal, wow… what a room.  It was almost like a Canadian court reporter showdown when you think of all the talent and skilled reporters we had in the room.  Lisa Barrett also showed a quick demo on how to use the Live Deposition software where she showed her realtime screen on an iPad and small netbook.  If you don’t keep up to the times in this field, you’re going to sink.  Being a court reporter is all about being relevant to the newest technology and being realtime!

Lisa B’s Live Deposition equipment: Shure microphone, router, switchboard

I really liked seeing all the familiar faces and seeing what everybody was up to.  Oh, court reporting & steno…

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2 Responses to Court Reporter Appreciation Night

  1. I’m almost positive that this post was typed up by a steno machine 😛 Stenoception!!! 😀

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