Revisiting Bayview Court Restaurant!

Located at 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive, Unit 107 in Richmond Hill

Before my detox last week, I ate at this yummy restaurant!  Bayview Court is an absolute favourite restaurant of mine that began in my early elementary school days.  When I first blogged about it here, I mentioned that they used to reside in the Peachtree Centre in Markham.  When I found out about their existence in Richmond Hill, I was thrilled.  This place simply serves some amazing Chiu Chow food!

On this visit, we ordered a hot pot rice, a plate of seasoned duck tongues (yum), and a repeat order of the black pepper pork stomach with vermicelli from last time’s visit.  You can’t beat how great the flavour is and also the amazing fact that I don’t feel thirsty after all this yumminess.  It must mean that they barely use any MSG.  That’s always a good thing! 😀

Simple but SOOO delicious!
Minced Beef & Preserved Vegetables with XO sauce (rice in a hot pot). $8.99

I loved the steaming pot of rice that came in a hot pot.  When you opened the lid, the steam from the hot rice blew in your face as you also took in the fresh aroma of the minced beef bits scattered around the top of the rice.  I loved this dish!  All the rice mixed in perfectly with the minced beef and preserved vegetables.  I gobbled up three small bowls of rice quickly since I was hungry and this tasted amaaaaazing! :9


Pork stomach in black pepper soup with vermicelli. $5.99

My mom is a huge fan of this black pepper pork stomach in soup with fine vermicelli.  It’s a great dish because the black pepper is so infused into the soup and pork stomach that it gives your senses a great kick.  It’s perfect to eat when you’re feeling sick as it can clear up your sinuses.  The number of pork stomachs in this bowl was incredibly generous too!



Salt and pepper duck tongues. $6.99

Lastly, we tried the salt and pepper duck tongues this time.  I was surprised with how heavily seasoned the duck tongues were!  Even though you see a lot of red peppers in this, it wasn’t that spicy.  The duck tongues were prepared with the entire part of the duck tongue unlike some places that only serve the duck “tongue” part.  This came as a whole “stick” of meat.  I actually found this a little harder to eat because there were a lot of bones in the way.  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed its flavour.

I’m definitely going to return again in the future.  This place is too good to not try at least once (if you’ve never been) and too good to not to return to again and again!

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