My Allergies are Cured!

I used to avoid these like the plague. Now I can walk up to them without a care in the world!

I started having allergies when I was around 11 years old in grade 6.  Even though I had been in Canada for around seven years by that time, all of a sudden, I noticed that one day I started feeling sick and like I had a runny nose.  The sneezing and runny nose persisted for a couple a days until I realized it wasn’t just a typical cold that I was experiencing — I was actually allergic to the springtime pollen and grass that was in the air!  

In Toronto, Canada, you can’t escape it. Every spring, every April/May, when the snow melts and the temperatures rise, these pop up ALL over the place!

Since then, every year that spring rolls around — when the snow melts and the grass and flowers start blooming in May, I immediately notice that I start getting the feeling of getting sick again until I realize it’s actually my allergies that act up.  I used to take Claritin every day during the spring time season to ease up on my allergies.  It wasn’t fun.  If I forgot to take it for even one day, I’d be sneezing, my nose would be running, and on some bad days, my eyes would be really red and itchy.  There was actually one day in grade 8 that I remember when I didn’t go to school because my allergies were that bad.

Look how densely they grow! It’s a horror to anyone who has seasonal allergies D:

Does even looking at this view make you itch?

Fast forward to this year when a friend mentioned to me about a supplement that could help cure my allergies.  He said that a friend who was allergic to peanuts took it and since then, has been able to eat peanuts again.  What an amazing discovery!  I decided to try it to boost my immune system, cleanse out my system, and hopefully heal my allergies as well. 🙂

This stuff works!! No more allergies! Better immune system, feeling more awake, tastes great too 🙂

This year, when spring rolled around, I didn’t even notice it.  I didn’t realize that the supplement had worked until I looked out my window one day and realized how many dandelions had popped their bright yellow faces out on the fields and overpopulated the grassy fields of parks that I had no symptoms.  I was amazed and impressed.  It worked!  I was cured!  Ah!!!  For the first time in over 13 years, I no longer was sneezing or allergic to the elements that were outside.  Hooray!!

I never knew that something could cure allergies.  However, now that I found it, I just had to share it!  Yayyyy! 😀



I take this every single morning with Vitamin C ^_^

Now I can go to the park on a whim and take pictures like these! 😀

My beautiful local park

I can walk in the fields of grass again!

Close-ups. I can breathe in spring! 😀

Do you have allergies?  What kind of allergies do you have?  Do you suffer from them on an everyday basis?  What do you take to help combat your allergies?  Let me know in the comments below!  (Get OPC-3 here and Vitamin C here.)


14 comments on “My Allergies are Cured!

    • Oh, how long did you try the supplement for? Did you make sure you took it on an empty stomach? Did you make sure to mix it with the right amount of water? Also, did you take vitamin C with it? Vitamin C in isotonix form is the perfect complement to OPC-3! 🙂

  1. I’ve been taking OPC3 for about a month now but my allergies are getting the best of me. Believe it or not I was told about OPC3 by a Dr. who didn’t want to start me on allergy medicine, but I guess I need to give it more time.

    • Yes! Even doctors know about how amazing OPC-3 is. Have you been taking it along with Vitamin C? They work together and it actually triples the benefits of OPC when you take it together. How many caps do you currently take?

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