Vic Hong Vietnamese B.B.Q. House

Located at 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive East Unit# H5 in Richmond Hill

I was pleasantly surprised with how good the food was at this restaurant!  I haven’t been to a Vietnamese restaurant for food lately and I was craving some pho on this particular day.  My mom and I ventured to Bayview and Major Mac to try Vic Hong Vietnamese B.B.Q. House out.  Within this mall area, there are also restaurants like Bombay’s Chutney, Thai Basil, and Bayview Court (delicious!).  

Although its flat exterior made me think that the inside would be really small, the space was actually quite large.  I really liked the way it was decorated.  It was colourful, lively, and there were even chandeliers too.

The inside was very nicely decorated!

I chose a classic pho bowl and also tried out something new (pork skin rolls).  I wasn’t very pleased with the fact that we had a wait a long time for our food to come.  I noticed that two other tables that arrived after us already received their food before we got ours.  It didn’t help that I was extremely, extremely famished on this day too.

When the pho bowl arrived, it turned out that I had ordered the wrong item.  I wanted the classic pho bowl with an assortment of raw beef, beef balls, beef tenders, and the works.  However, I chose one that had other things instead like shrimp, fish balls, pork pieces (how was I to know that its name “assorted meat” would not be the one I wanted?).  I wanted to try their beef stuff!  Boo, I guess I’ll have to come here another time to try it out.  In any case, I really loved the pho noodles.  They were so thin, soft, and chewy!  Other than Vietnam Noodle Star, which in my opinion serves the best pho, Vic Hong can actually rank as my second favourite!  It also reminds me of the pho I’ve had downtown at a Viet place close to St. George station.

Assorted Meat on Noodle Soup. $7.50

Pork Skin Rolls. $4.95

We ordered the Pork Skin Rolls to try.  I’ve never had Pork Skin Rolls before; I’ve only had Vietnamese Spring Rolls or those cold shrimp rolls.  These were good!  It was a different take on the usual rolls that you have.  The thin rice paper was wrapped around fried pork skin, vermicelli, and some lettuce.

Lastly, we also ordered a Vietnamese Fried Noodle because I was famished on this day and you know how you always tend to over-order a lot of food when you’re starving.  This fried noodle was pretty good.  There was enough flavour in the noodles and its colour reminded me of Singapore Noodles actually.

Vietnamese Fried Noodle. $8.95

I will definitely return to this restaurant again in the future to try out the rest of their food.  I really liked it despite the initial annoyance of having to wait a long time for our food.  Next time, I’m going to try their pho noodle soup with the beef! 🙂

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s a trove of yummy pho goodness inside!

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