Friendly House Restaurant

Located at 5908 Yonge St in North York

What is it about a court reporting job that really drains you?  Some time a couple of weeks ago, after finishing a half day job at court, I was famished.  Instead of waiting around for traffic to subside near the Finch Station area, I ended up satisfying my stomach at Friendly House Restaurant for a late lunch.

Friendly House Restaurant is an unassuming family restaurant located on Yonge Street across from the Food Basics near Cummer Avenue.  All I saw from the car window was something like “all day breakfast, homemade burger, steak” and I knew it would be a good place for a fast meal that would be satisfying as well.  We quickly made a turn to stop in for a bite to eat.

Very low key restaurant

I was right!  The food was close to a diner-type of service where you order your food, wait for a little bit, and then receive it on a tray to eat at a table of your choice.  It’s a very low-key restaurant.

My mom and I shared the Chicken Shawarma Dinner with Rice and the Steak on a Kaiser.  I was very impressed with both dishes!

The plate of Chicken Shawarma Dinner with Rice was covered with a mountain of carefully shaved chicken slices.  It was SO, SO tender!  I couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted.  It really reminded of the amazing shawarma that I had at Rifca’s a while ago.  The rice and salad was very good as well.  I really, really enjoyed this!  The tzatziki sauce was perfect as well!

Chicken Shawarma Dinner with Rice. $10.99

The Steak on a Kaiser was very tender and it was a great hamburger!  We asked to have it be cut in half to share.  The kaiser bread was fluffy and I also couldn’t believe how tender the steak was.  Yum!

Steak on a Kaiser. $5.75

They serve beer too!

It really goes to show you that you can find some amazing food at the local and unassuming family restaurants. 🙂


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9 Responses to Friendly House Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    Restaurant quality in a diner, can’t go wrong 🙂

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