Shawarmas at Ibrahim BBQ!

Located 1967 Lawrence Avenue East in Scarborough

I hadn’t had an shawarma in a long time, the last one being at Rifca’s Mediterranean and the Friendly House Restaurant — which I loved– so it was great to have a weekday lunch with some of the best leaders in the team.  

Ibrahim BBQ is located at Lawrence Ave. and Wayne Ave. (inside joke right there) in Scarborough.  There are a couple of tables and seats for you to dine in, but the majority of people just order take-out.  It’s very popular with the people that work in the area.  Raahim, the one who recommended us to this great shawarma spot, said that sometimes during lunch time, there is a line-up so long that it winds out the door.  Wow!  I was very excited to try this place out.  I was also very excited to have a shawarma since it had been a while. 🙂

Simple choices of food

Best in town shawarmas! 2 for 1

Shawarmas are a Middle Eastern (Levantine Arab) food where it incorporates grilling meat on a rotating stick and served in shavings on a plate or in a sandwich or wrap.  Raahim recommended the mixed meat shawarma in a wrap.  They have a 2 for 1 special where if you get two, it is only $10.99.  What a great deal!  The boys were saying how getting such a cheap and high-quality shawarma is difficult to find and Ibrahim BBQ is the spot to go to for this.


Their food looks so fresh and delicious

Just look at those two huge rotating spits of meat!

A shawarma plate with meat shaved fresh off the spits


A shawarma wrap or just shawarma

We waited in the line that moved quickly and I watched the shawarma being made right in front of us.  Their rotating spits are one of the largest I’ve ever seen.  By that, I mean the meat on the grill was massive!!  Usually the ones I’ve seen before are skinny and aren’t so fat and wide.  This was so impressive!  On their menu, you can actually purchase an entire 1 kg of meat to bring home to shave off for yourself.  That’s amazing! 🙂

2 shawarmas for $10.99

Mixed meat shawarma

We all got our shawarmas and sat out on the patio to eat.  It was a little windy that day but it was nice to enjoy the outside patio weather before summer slowly winds down for this year.

These large Arizona drinks are only $1 each!

The mixed meat shawarma that I had was quite good!  It was packed with different kinds of meat like chicken, beef, and lamb, I believe.  The toppings inside it were also very good.  It’s hard to describe it because when you bite into it, you have a mixture of different textures and tastes.  The overall taste is amazing and I really enjoyed it!  One shawarma was big enough for me but Ronny actually ate two in one sitting!

Ibrahim BBQ

That’s all for this visit.  Next time, I want to try their shawarma plate (as I heard that one is also very good). 🙂

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6 Responses to Shawarmas at Ibrahim BBQ!

  1. andy1076 says:

    Damn, The size of that shawarma and it looks loaded with flavors :O

  2. gchan7127 says:

    lol Wayne Ave. I was smiling when I read that. 😛

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