Las Vegas Eats 2014: Sushi & Seafood Buffet at Todai

Miracle Mile Shops
3663 Las Vegas Boulevard S #580

Yum!  All-you-can-eat quality sushi and seafood!!  I can’t believe how much I underestimated this buffet when the boys first suggested going to this as I figured it would be just run-of-the-mill sushi and I wanted to try something more extraordinary in Las Vegas.  Boy, was I wrong!  The sushi at this buffet turned out to be amazing and way better than I thought!

Todai is located in Planet Hollywood (seems like that’s all we were traversing through in the first couple of days) in the Miracle Mile Shops.  There are really cute cartoon characters inside.


The sushi selection was HUGE!  I didn’t really do a good job at taking pictures of all the food at all because that would be weird if I stood at every single food station and snapped pictures.  I was there to eat and spend most of my time eating and not so much taking pictures.  I did squeeze in some, so you have an idea of what the place is like. 😉

So much variety!

Our table! It faced a TV mounted on the wall so we were able to watch the soccer games too

The thing I loved the most about the sushi rolls is that the pieces were super tiny and manageable.  This meant that you could go around and try nearly all of the different varieties and types of rolls if you wanted to because there wasn’t a lot of rice in each roll.  Yay!  That’s the best type of sushi.  The selection available was also amazing.  It was an endless flow of sushi! 😀

The raw oysters were all right; didn’t seem too flavourful.  I really liked the salmon sashimi.  The crab legs were also pretty good.  They also had a huge range of various types of salads: seaweed, kimchi, cold noodles, watercress, and more.

My 2 plates of sushi & seafood & salads =]

Nigori Sake (unfiltered, cold) 375 ml. $16

Vivian and I decided to commemorate our visit to sin city with a bottle of cold sake.  Mmm.  I was so impressed with this Nigori Sake.  It went down so well and I really, really enjoyed it. 😀

The third amazing part about Todai that I loved was that all of their dessert selections were tiny too!!  I remember when I was in Japan several years ago and I remember that all of their buffets also featured teeny tiny dessert portions.  Unlike most Western buffets where the cakes and sweets are a full slice, the Japanese desserts were all no bigger than your palm — actually, even smaller than that; like the size of 2 dice put together.  I loved this because you wouldn’t indulge in too much of the same thing (too much sugar) and also be able to try out more varieties.  Yay!

Just a few of the dessert selections

My plate of tiny desserts! I really liked the fruit pastry tart.  I tried some of Eric’s fruit crepe; it was surprisingly really good (it’s made fresh in front of you at the crepe station so you can choose what to put in it).  The crepe was so soft!  The green tea ice cream was also yummy:


We all left the restaurant feeling very stuffed.  What a great sushi and seafood buffet.  I do recommend checking this one out if you are in Vegas!  It was a great first Vegas buffet for me. ^_^  I wish I had more room for more sushi rolls actually!

Todai on Urbanspoon


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  1. andy1076 says:

    oh wow NOW I see why you went to Vegas! :O

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