Lunch at the Sunshine Spot

Located at 796 Sheppard Ave E in North York

I couldn’t believe how amazing the Eggs Benedict was at this restaurant!

Sunshine Spot resides at a small plaza on Sheppard Avenue in North York between Leslie and Bayview next to a sushi restaurant.  It isn’t a place that you would think would have amazing food as it’s in the middle of nowhere it seems and doesn’t seem very prominent.  However, it turns out that there are two other locations of Sunshine Spot in the city.

No frills restaurant

The restaurant was a little dim inside and there weren’t a lot of people in here at this time.  Jen and I caught up over Eggs Benedict and I was just blown away with how amazing they tasted.

You could choose to have peameal bacon with your Eggs Benedict or you could have smoked salmon, spinach, Black forest ham, turkey bacon, oven-roasted peppers, or grilled chicken breast.  I’ve never been to a breakfast place where they have so many substitutions and choices for your Eggs Benedicts!  I went with the “original” with the peameal bacon while Jen ordered the one with smoked salmon.

Eggs Benedict (served with home fries). $9.99
-English muffin, with thick-cut peameal bacon, 2 poached eggs with their fabulous Hollandaise sauce

The two poached eggs were perfectly made; they were soft and gooey when I spilled its guts open on to the English muffin and thick-cut peameal bacon.  The peameal bacon was very well done and not overcooked.  It was such an amazing texture and I absolutely loved the Hollandaise sauce.  It was SO good!

It’s one of the best I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot!

Eggs Benedict (served with home fries). $9.99
-English muffin, with smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs with their fabulous Hollandaise sauce

I tried a bit of Jen’s smoked salmon and was also super impressed.  I usually absolutely love smoked salmon on everything but I refrained from ordering it with my Egg Benedicts for fear that the smoked salmon would be overcooked from the heat of the eggs — which is what I’ve seen happen in previous restaurants.  However, Sunshine Spot prepared it so well that the smoked salmon stayed cool and fresh on the English muffin.  It wasn’t overcooked at all!  I couldn’t believe how good it tasted.  Although my peameal bacon tasted great, I also absolutely loved the smoked salmon version.  On the other hand, the home fries were just so-so.

All Day Breakfast — try this place out!

This place is very low-key and seems to be owned by a family.  Our server was a young girl who very friendly too.  I really, really enjoyed the food and how delicious it was.  I’m very happy that we got to catch up over some simple yet delicious breakfast food! 🙂

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  1. Violet says:

    Now I’m craving some yummy breakfast!! Hope to visit this place before I fly off! Thank you for this recommendation! 🙂

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