Breast Cancer Awareness Motives Party in October!

Motives Party ❤

Last month, as part of October being Breast Cancer Awareness, we held a Motives make-up party to show support and awareness for this important initiative and also to show off our Motives make-up line.  Motives by Lala Anthony is an exclusive make-up line that features all the make-up essentials you need as well as a one-of-a-kind custom blend foundation.  

Motives is comparable to high-end cosmetics like Mac and Lacome but at a fraction of the price!

Every woman has a different skin tone no matter if two of them are Asian, two of them are western, etc.  There are still green, red, or yellow undertones in each shade which makes it so hard for a woman to find her perfect make-up shade.  With the Motives custom-blend foundation, a beauty advisor helps you find your perfect shade so that you always have the best coverage for your skin.  Not only that, but the foundation can help resolve any skin conditions that you have such as shininess, breaking out easily, or being too dry by adding in appropriate ingredients into the foundation.  It’s super cool!

Our professional beauty advisor Carol 🙂

On this lovely October afternoon, we had fun with make-up.  Even the guys tried the foundation and multitude of Motives nail polish!  We had a videography team filming and taking professional footage for our event.  See the finished product here!

Beautiful make-up

We had pink cupcakes and cookies to fit in the October Breast Cancer awareness and even celebrated two of our friends’ birthdays at the party too.  It was too much fun.  Can’t wait for the next one!  🙂

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