Mi-Ne Sushi (Markham location)

Located at 8865 Woodbine Ave in Markham

Priscilla and I went to Mi-Ne Sushi for a Japanese dinner on a weeknight.  I’ve heard lots of good things about Mi-Ne.  I have been to one previously but apparently it’s a completely different one (it’s called Mi-NE)..

Anyway, this Mi-Ne has three locations.  We went to the one in Markham (located on Woodbine and Apple Creek).  For the first time, Google Maps showed that a restaurant was only a 4-minute drive for me.  Haha!  The simple pleasures in life when you don’t have to trek out too far to go to a good restaurant.  🙂

In a plaza near Woodbine and Apple Creek

The interior of Mi-Ne is very modern and upscale.  Their prices are a tad higher than most sushi joints but after the meal we had, I could understand why.

All of their menu items are online so I was able to take a look before I stepped foot in the restaurant to get an idea of what to order.  As I pushed open the door to the restaurant, I saw a sign that read they had Uni (sea urchin) available today.  Oh yum!!!

Uni Sushi. $10

Priscilla was amazing enough to try the uni sushi with me.  I thought it was a bit spicy at $10 for an order for 2 pieces but the sign had piqued my interest and I definitely want to try it out. 🙂

I ordered the Maki Set H and Priscilla ordered the Zen Combination Sushi & Tempura Set.

Miso soup and salad

We got our miso soup (the bowl was hugeeee and filled with hot soup to the brim) and salad.  The salad was fresh and lettuce was crispy.  By the time I finished this and got to the soup, I felt full already.  (Their green tea was really good too.)

The uni sushi looked great and fresh.  It was so smooth and tasted fresh.  I love uni! 🙂


Sushi & Tempura Set. $22
-shrimp & vegetable tempura, 6 pieces nigri sushi, 6 pieces California roll & 1 spicy handroll

Priscilla’s dinner set arrived first.  We were so amazed at how pretty it looked that we took pictures immediately.  Hers was gigantic and covered the entire half of the table.  I liked the colour scheme and the different levels that the handroll stand, tempura bowl, and sushi stand offered (nerdy food insights, I know).

Maki Set H. $23
-6 pieces each: spicy salmon roll, unagi roll & shrimp tempura roll

My Maki Set arrived shortly after by the friendly lady server who looked like she was Japanese.  It was also very nicely put together.  Mine had spicy salmon roll, shrimp tempura roll, and unagi roll. Yum!

All three rolls were tasty and stuffed full.  The rolls were big but not big enough that I couldn’t stuff it into my mouth at one time.  I enjoyed the spicy salmon roll the best (you could actually taste the spicy salmon pieces), the unagi, and the shrimp tempura roll in that order.  The rolls were so big!

I tried the California roll from Priscilla’s set and loved the fresh taste of the crab meat and the super crunchy cucumbers!  So good :D.  I also tried a salmon sushi.  The salmon was soooo fresh.  Yum!  The shrimp tempura was so big.  It had a lot of batter on it, was extremely crunchy when you bit it, and the shrimp was high-quality.  So impressed with this restaurant!!

Since the portion was so big and even not having too much rice on each sushi roll, we were already stuffed.  We packed much of the food home.  Priscilla and I both counted that we each had 11 rolls/sushi in total yet I still took home 7 maki rolls.  So much good food!

Nicely cut and assembled oranges as Japanese dessert

We were served orange sections as dessert.  I know I will definitely return again.  Their sushi is high quality and the selection and variety is impressive. 🙂  Have you been here before?  If so, what is your verdict on Mi-Ne?




– – –

May 2016 update:

Mi-Ne Signature Maki (Roll) menu

Mi-Ne Signature Maki (Roll) menu

Tracy and I came here for dinner on a Monday night to catch up at Mi-Ne.  I remember the last time that I came here for dinner (read above), I was impressed with their sushi and was looking forward to another meal here.

During this meal, the service wasn’t as spectacular as the first visit.  I found that we were a little ignored when we tried to order and we didn’t get very good manners when we asked about why we didn’t get a miso soup or salad as part of our meal.  The male server just wasn’t polite when he answered us.

Either way, I did enjoy the food here again.

We ordered the unique-looking Mi-Ne Tower and the Est Roll.

The Mi-Ne Tower contained uni, scallop, salmon, oyster, and wasabi sauce all stacked in one tower.  It was a really amazing creation actually!  It combined so many rarities like uni, scallop, and oyster.

Mi-Ne Tower

Mi-Ne Tower. $15
-with uni, scallop, salmon, oyster, wasabi sauce

I did really enjoy this! 🙂  I actually could have killed this by myself haha.

Est Roll

Est Roll (9 pcs).
-BBQ eel, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, wrapped with salmon and tuna

The Est Roll had 9 pieces of BBQ eel, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, and wrapped with salmon and tuna.  It was a beautifully coloured roll and like I noticed last time, Mi-Ne likes to include fruit into their sushi dishes.  The Est Roll combined slices of apples in its creation.

It was a big sushi since it contained so many ingredients.  It was pretty good too!

 Est Roll held in chopstick

Sushi roll packed with deliciousness. Just the way I like it! 🙂

My impression of Mi-Ne remains the same.  They have great sushi and fresh ingredients which are definitely reflected in their higher prices.  If and when I come back to Mi-Ne again, I will continue to blog about what I ate! 🙂

Mi-Ne Sushi on Urbanspoon

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