Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico ~ West Caribbean Cruise 2015

Mayan Ruins, Mexico

We went on a second excursion today in Costa Maya, Mexico!  It’s so nice to wake up in another city that I’ve never been to before.

We didn’t plan for this excursion to happen.  When we docked onto the port, a group of us wandered to the aptly named Last Minute Tours area to find a good deal to see the well-known Mayan Ruins.  I was happy that we would be able to see this while in Mexico.  Yay!

Docked in Costa Maya and off to our excursion!

We were able to get the excursion for only USD $40 which included the entrance fee for the Chacchoben Ruins and the ride to and from the place.

The van ride was an hour long.  Once we got there, it was sunny and a tour guide led us through the forested paths and into the spaces where the Ruins stood.

Flock of sudden tourists

The tour guide explained bits and pieces of information to us to educate us about the history but I couldn’t get immersed into the listening; either that the tour guide wasn’t a very good speaker or I just didn’t care enough to listen.

We took a few good pictures and visited three main Ruins by the end of the trip and even got in one or two awkwardly posed group shots.  Beautiful and well-assembled group shots are a thing to be envied on.

Mayan Ruins

It was a beautiful day with gorgeous summer weather

Lots of stairs to the top

Going up

Everybody smile!

Soon, in about four hours’ total excursion time, we were back on our van and back to the Costa Maya pier.  What I remember is that the ladies’ restroom was packed and the lines extended like no tomorrow.  Even the guys’ restroom had a line-up too which is rare but it moved along way faster than our line.

So awesome

What a view ^_^

We spent some time browsing the souvenir shops and lounging on the shoreline chairs where you could see the Carnival Splendor and Brilliance of the Seas in the distance.  It was so nice. 🙂

Picture perfect

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  1. andy1076 says:

    wuaow!! I wish I joined you on this one! 🙂 🙂

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