Lunch at Ten Ren’s Tea!

Located at 111 Times Ave in Markham

My friend TK and I hit up Ten Ren’s Tea for some lunch on a weekday Tuesday.  Ten Ren’s is a tea house and restaurant.  They also are part-store where half of the space is dedicated to selling their own brand of specialty teas and accessories.

They have several locations and we ventured to the one on Hwy 7 and Valleymede in Markham.  There were quite a fair number of people there on a weekday.  

I ordered from one of their daily lunch specials, the green tea jellyfish chicken set that came with rice and salad.

You can see the part of the restaurant that sells teas

This was actually my first time going to Ten Ren’s for a meal.  I had been here previously for drinks with friends at night, however — bubble teas and cold drinks!  Looking through their menu, I noticed that nearly all of their hot dishes were infused with some type of tea!  The rice and noodles were green tea, pu-er, jasmine tea and more – inspired!  It was really cool.

Green Tea Jellyfish Chicken with Sesame Sauce + Green Tea Salad with Soup or Drink. $9.99

My lunch set arrived in a neat little tray where veggies were organized in compartments. I really love eating jellyfish and chicken dishes so I was looking forward to this one. 😀

I tried the side salad first and it actually did taste like tea! So cool :D.  The chicken wasn’t very flavourful and the dish itself including the jellyfish didn’t taste like tea either.  It was a neutral dish though; nothing terrible or terrific.  The other veggies wete good.  The rice was just plain white rice.

The lunch set came with a jasmine milk green tea that tasted mediocre and smelled good.

Hot Jasmine Milk Green Tea

Pu-Erh Beef Noodles. $8.99

TK ordered the Pu-Erh Beef Noodles.  Her bowl of noodles arrived with a small shot of dark liquid.  We had to inquire the server on how it should be incorporated into the food.  Apparently, the shot is the hot pu-erh tea which you just pour into the bowl of noodles.

I tried the soup which tasted good with the infused tea.  It wasn’t very strong though and TK commented that she would have liked it to have been stronger.  The beef was really soft.

My entire meal came to $12 with tax so it was a pretty decent meal.  They definitely have a twist on typical Chinese dishes by having tea infused into everything! 🙂

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6 Responses to Lunch at Ten Ren’s Tea!

  1. andy1076 says:

    oh wow we got something similar to this at Aberdeen center mall, except at our location they literally bring you hot hot water in a china pot and tea cups with the leaves separately for you to put yourself, with enough water for the proper mini tea ceremony before serving. With a menu of Taiwanese eats along with it, it’s a really neat experience too 🙂

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