Portuguese Peri-Peri Chicken at Nando’s

Located at 939 Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto

I have been wanting to try Nando’s for the longest time and I finally got to this weekend.  Yay! 😀  I love juicy, tender, moist, well-seasoned chicken (may be fried or not), and I really respect restaurants that can do it right.  

Christina and I popped by the Eglinton location of Nando’s Chicken for a small dinner before we headed to play trampoline dodgeball with our friends at the nearby SkyZone.  Since we were going to be jumping around and doing a lot of physical activity, we didn’t order too much food.

You order at the counter and then they bring you your dishes when it is cooked and ready — chicken is flame-grilled to order!

Eglinton location of Nando’s — there are 29 locations in Canada spanning 3 provinces

There are three locations of Nando’s in the general vicinity of Toronto:  Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and this midtown one at Eglinton and Bayview.  When you enter Nando’s at this location (not sure about the other ones), you order your food at the counter.  Then, if you choose to dine in, you get a number to place on your table.  Once the food is ready, a runner will bring you the food.  (This reminds me of Panera Bread.)

Christina and I both ordered the quarter chicken with a leg and thigh and one side dish.  It doesn’t take too long for the food to arrive and I was quite excited to try it out and see what the hype was all about.  Yay!



Flamed-grilled goodness! There are sauces on the counter that you can take to your table for your chicken

This little chili pepper stand that we placed on our table so the runner would know where to bring our food

To my surprise, the quarter chicken of the leg and thigh arrived attached together so that it only appeared as one piece of chicken.  The side of garlic mashed potatoes that I ordered was placed to the side in a little dish.  Christina got the same except she chose Caesar Salad.  Her choice of chicken was a Medium Spicy while mine was mild (Lemon Herb).  You can choose what level of spice you want the chicken to be.

Time to dig in!






I chose 1 side: Garlic mashed potatoes

I’ll talk about the garlic mashed potatoes first.  Oh, man, these were delicious!!  I absolutely adore mashed potatoes and these ones were made just right.  It had a great mashed potato consistency and flavour was embedded into every bite.  There were also herbs, garlic, peppers and other stuff  that I couldn’t distinguish within it.  It was so good!

1/4 Chicken (Leg + Thigh). $7.20 + 1 Regular Side (Garlic Mashed Potatoes): $9.85

The quarter chicken had a little toothpick flag stuck on it to show you what spiciness level you ordered.  Since it was my first visit to Nando’s, I chose the mild option — lemon herb.  It was actually so good!  The chicken was seasoned slightly for maximum flavour, juicy and tender, moist, and just so good!  Now I understood why people love this place so much!




1/4 Chicken (Leg + Thigh). $7.20 + 1 Regular Side (Caesar Salad): $9.85

Their chicken is flame-grilled and marinated for 24 hours in their famous PERi-PERi sauce!  Once ordered, the piece of chicken is freshly flame-grilled to order too!

We finished our dinner and headed to play trampoline dodgeball.  I actually can’t wait for the next time I go to Nando’s again.  I will try a spicier level of the chicken, their wings, more sides, and their Portuguese egg tart!

Garlic and Hot Peri-Peri sauces for your perusal

By the way, we also tried the Peri Peri sauce on the chicken — garlic and hot sauce.  Even the garlic sauce is a little spicy and has a kick to it.  The hot sauce is even spicier.  You will love it if you like spicy food.  I seriously can’t wait for my next Nando’s visit! 😀

Have you been to Nando’s before?  They have locations all over the world in 30 countries.  What is your opinion of it?

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