All Day Breakfast at Marathon Cafe

Located at 155 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 26 in Richmond Hill

Before we left on our exciting Executive Council Extended Weekend trip, we all gathered at Marathon Cafe in Richmond Hill at 8 a.m. to have a hearty breakfast first.  We were the first to walk in on a Sunday morning in this Hong Kong style cafe.  Marathon Cafe is famously known for their award-winning Hong Kong style milk tea.  Their flagship shop is Marathon Donuts & Coffee Shop at their Midland and Finch location in Scarborough.  This Richmond Hill shop is an extension of their first shop.  Nevertheless, they still feature their award-winning milk teas and you can see the trophies on their mantle behind the counter.

We set out on an absolutely beautiful summer day. Look at those clouds! ^_^

All Day Breakfast Menu & Weekday Specials

They feature all day breakfast in their menu — their menu is large and quite extensive!  They have weekday specials and the rest is Hong Kong cafe style food.  Everything is very affordable!  It was my first time to this location and I was very excited to try them out. 🙂

Love their cups!

I ordered the Sausage Omelette from their all day breakfast menu.  Each item on their menu includes a free coffee or milk tea.  I am awfully sensitive to milk tea as it is like coffee to me — keeps me up all night and I can’t sleep.  I knew that we were in for a lot of fun on our trip and I wanted to fall asleep easily and slumber deeply that night so I didn’t choose their infamous milk tea even though I really wanted to try it.  I opted for a hot honey lemon tea instead.

We placed our orders at the counter and paid and took a seat.  Before long, they served us the food at the tables we were sitting at.

Combo K: Sausage Omelette. $3.99

Yum!  Each order also includes a slice of buttered and slightly toasted toast.  I really liked the breakfast since it was so simple.  They used just regular sausages in the omelettes.  However, I thought that the omelettes were too paper thin; I really enjoy runny and fluffy omelettes.  Nevertheless, it was still a great breakfast for less than $5.

These are some pictures of what the others ordered.  I tried a bit of the roast beef that Lawrence had in his breakfast set and I loved how smooth the slice of roast beef was.  Yum!  I also tried a sip of the infamous milk tea.  It was incredibly smooth!

Combo E: Sausage & Two Fried Eggs. $3.99

Combo B: Roast Beef & Two Fried Eggs. $3.99

Sarah’s looked better than mine lol
(Combo K: Sausage Omelette. $3.99)

Forward to after the trip and a few of us found ourselves having breakfast at Marathon Cafe again.  I wanted to try another item from their all day breakfast menu and their milk tea. 😀  On this visit, I chose the Roast Beef and Two Eggs combo and Milk Tea as the drink.  I asked for the eggs to be scrambled (I love scrambled eggs!).

Combo B: Roast Beef & Two Fried Eggs (scrambled). $3.99

I really enjoyed the roast beef and scrambled eggs.  The milk tea was very smooth and creamy.  It was quite strong in tea flavour too.  After finishing the cup, I found myself a little jittery too.  I am awfully sensitive to the caffeine in milk teas.  Let’s see how well I can fall asleep tonight… if at all lol.

Milk Tea

Milk Tea

Combo B: Roast Beef & Two Fried Eggs. $3.99

Combo R: Pork Chop & Two Fried Eggs. $5.99

A no frills restaurant. Come here just for the cheap food and milk tea 🙂

To be honest though, their all day breakfast sets are a little on the small side.  If you are a big guy, you will definitely want to eat two portions.. or more.  Otherwise, $4 for a breakfast set isn’t bad since it comes with toast and a drink too! 🙂  (Oh, they also have free wifi.)

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12 Responses to All Day Breakfast at Marathon Cafe

  1. andy1076 says:

    Oh i would SO order combo R! wow, it’s got a bit of everything. Plus, the value? I don’t even see that in any sha sha teng here in Vancouver :O

  2. Howard says:

    Love their HK style milk tea! It’s soooo smooth, creamy and soooo full of tea flavor (not water down at all). Wish I was back in TO right now!

    • stenoodie says:

      I agree! 🙂 On a side note, I didn’t have trouble falling asleep at all last night after having a full cup of their milk tea. However, I was fully awake until almost 3 am in the morning XD. Where do you reside, Howard?

      • Howard says:

        I live in Chicago and we have bad Chinese food (if compared to TO standards). I am sooooo jealous of your city because of all the great HK style cafes and restaurants that it has to offer. Chicago has very limited choices and I can only wish that I had half the restaurants choices that you guys have in TO. I always look forward to my next trip back to TO so I can stuff myself silly! 🙂

      • stenoodie says:

        Hi Howard! Thanks for sharing. Yes, I really appreciate the variety of food that we have in Toronto. There is an amazing diversity of food and we have a lot of authentic HK style cafes too. I can’t wait for you to have your next visit in TO too so you can have your fill of your favourite dishes! 🙂

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