Rodizio Style All-You-Can-Eat Fine Dining at Touro Brazilian Steakhouse

Touro Brazilian Steakhouse grilled pineapple

Touro Brazilian Steakhouse located at 125 York Blvd in Richmond Hill

The final contest meal I won this summer was a meal for two at Touro Brazilian Steakhouse (Touro Churrascaria).  Thanks to Jackie of @theeverydayfoodie who hosted the Instagram contest, I was selected as a winner to enjoy this complimentary meal.  Yay!

I had dined at another Brazilian steakhouse before; that of Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse located in downtown Toronto.  Thus, I had a general idea of what to expect already.  A Brazilian steakhouse restaurant is where there are servers called Gauchos who bring various cuts of meat like chicken, beef, and lamb on a skewer to your table.  If you want to take it, then you take your tongs to clamp a piece while the Gaucho slices it it on to your plate.  It’s a unique table-side service for all-you-can-eat meat!

I decided to bring my mom with me since she had never experienced a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant before.

Touro Brazilian Steakhouse was located at Continue reading


Dim Sum at Omei Restaurant

Omei Restaurant interior

Omei Restaurant located at 420 Highway 7 East in Thornhill

Last Saturday, after my Zumba class, I had dim sum with my relatives at Omei Restaurant.  I had always seen Omei Restaurant from the street when driving along Highway 7 but this was my first time dining there.  I had always thought it was a very high-end restaurant that was fancy inside and expensive.  However, when we went there for dim sum last week, it turned out that Omei Restaurant was just another Chinese restaurant.  It certainly wasn’t Continue reading

Dinner at Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe

I have no photos for this restaurant. 😀  For a simple celebratory dinner, we went to Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe located inside the Richlane Mall at Leslie and 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill last night.  The food was Cantonese style with set menus for dinner and a la carte options too.  We had a set menu which consisted of eggplant and oysters in a hot pot, steamed fish, stir fried lobster, tofu with gluten, Continue reading

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant pho

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant located at 9206 Leslie St in Richmond Hill

The first time that we tried to check out this restaurant, they were unexpectedly closed on a Sunday.  Fortunately, the next time that we visited again, it was open.  Nam Vietnamese Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant with elements of Cambodia and Vietnam located on the corner of Leslie Street and 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill Continue reading

Green Lemon Grass South East Asian Cuisine

Green Lemon Grass pho

Green Lemon Grass located at 9425 Leslie St in Richmond Hill (inside Richlane Mall)

I had a really bad first impression of this restaurant called Green Lemon Grass South East Asian Cuisine (香茅咖喱屋).  My mom and I dined here on a Sunday afternoon for an early dinner.  We arrived at 5 p.m.  Green Lemon Grass South East Asian Cuisine is located inside the Richlane Mall on Lesile Street north of 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill.  They serve Vietnamese pho and other South East Asian dishes.   Continue reading

Yelp Elite Event at Yu Seafood

Yu Seafood lobster mountain

Yu Seafood located at 270 W Beaver Creek Road in Richmond Hill

This is a recap of the Yelp Elite Event that I attended this past Wednesday.  This was actually the very first Yelp Elite event that I could make it to.  There were a couple of other ones that piqued my interest but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to those ones.

Thus, I was very excited to attend this dinner event at Yu Seafood (漁膳房‎).  Previously, they advertised the event as “Moonlight Dim Sum” as in we would be dining on dim sum at night Continue reading

Zen Café & Lounge

Zen Café & Lounge Friday nights

Zen Café & Lounge located at 9425 Leslie St in Richmond Hill

This was the perfect place to have a romantic date.  Right after our dinner at Ichiban Fish House, we were strolling down the hallway at Richlane Mall towards Full House Desserts when we heard some loud music playing.  We peeked into Zen Café & Lounge and it turned out that they had a live band playing!  We decided on a whim to go inside and enjoy the live music and café.   Continue reading

Ichiban Fish House Japanese Restaurant

Ichiban Fish House Japanese Restaurant

Ichiban Fish House Japanese Restaurant located at 9425 Leslie Street in Richmond Hill

It was a late Friday night and since the babe hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I accompanied him to have sushi at Ichiban Fish House Japanese Restaurant.  This Japanese restaurant is located inside Richlane Mall and apparently is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants that has occupied this spot.  We were one of two last customers of the day since it was almost 10 p.m. when we arrived and the restaurant closed at 11 p.m.   Continue reading

Full House Desserts

Full House Desserts durian pancakes

Full House Desserts located at 9425 Leslie Street, Unit 12 in Richmond Hill

I’ve always wanted to visit Full House Desserts (滿記甜品) for their durian pancake dessert but because it is only open from 7 p.m. until midnight every day (closed on Wednesdays), I have actually never been able to try their sweet creations.  It just never happened that I was around this area for dinner or wanted to step in just for their dessert.   Continue reading

Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant

Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant banchan

Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant located at 9425 Leslie Street in Richmond Hill

We had dinner at Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant this past Tuesday.  Han Mi Jeong is located inside the Richlane Mall on Leslie north of 16th in Richmond Hill.  I had always wanted to try out this small Korean restaurant after passing by it in this mall.   Continue reading