Sushi at Kabuki Sushi Lounge!

Located at 4 O’Neill Rd A004D in North York

Kabuki Sushi Lounge is a high-end sushi and sashimi lounge that is located at Shops on Don Mills in Toronto.  They serve fresh sushi with daily specials like fresh oyster, uni (sea urchin), toro, and more.  They had a very upscale restaurant that fits into the likes of the restaurants that are in this area.  I was very excited to try this restaurant out because it is also a merchant in the shop6ca program in Toronto!

Anthony and I arrived there a little after 5 p.m. and the place was a little quiet but it was so quaint and sophisticated in there.  The entire room is an open concept and it is definitely a sushi lounge where you can order food and have an enjoyable chat with your tablemates.  Our server for the night was very pleasant and professional.  They also have free wifi here.

Kabuki menu — I like their logo

Trendy sushi lounge

We took a little bit of time to look over the menu.  Immediately, I knew I wanted to try the uni sushi (I am a big fan of sea urchin and like to see how restaurants prepare it).  Anthony wanted to try the Shinyuku Roll.  We also ordered the Dynamite Roll and Spicy Scallop Roll (Anthony ordered a miso soup too).

Just a Japanese cup with water

Our platter of food for the night! ^_^

The sushi arrived in no time.  We didn’t have to wait much at all!  Everything actually all arrived on the same wooden platter, which made it a spectacular photoshoot to shoot.  Everything was so nicely put together.  Huge presentation points for Kabuki!

Uni Sushi. $8/2 pc sushi

I tried the Uni Sushi first.  Uni is sea urchin and it is raw.  I loved the smooth and creaminess of it and how it tasted a little fishy too.  It was very good.  However, I wish that the uni piece sat on top of the sushi instead of rolled up on the side with seaweed.  I think the texture of the seaweed not being included would have made for an even better uni sushi.  That’s just my opinion. 🙂

Shinyuku roll!

Shinyuku Roll (8 pc). $17
-avocado, oshinko, rice crispy, topped with torched white tuna, cheese, spicy mayo, unagi sauce

The Shinyuku Roll is made with avocado, oshinko, rice crispy, and topped with torched white tuna, cheese, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce.  This was an amazing roll that tasted delicious.  I think what made it so delicious was the cheese, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce.  Any of those three combinations already make for a winning roll, so to put them all together only meant that this Shinyuku Roll would explore with flavours.  I found it interesting that it contained oshinko (Japanese pickled radish) inside the roll.  It made for a very crunchy centre of the sushi.  Also, the rice crispy made it crispy to chew through as well.  It was definitely a unique texture experience.

Spicy Scallop Roll. $10
-spicy scallop, cucumber, tobiko

The Spicy Scallop Roll was fresh and actually didn’t taste spicy at all.  It contained spicy scallop, cucumber, and tobiko.  I liked how fresh the piece of scallop was inside the roll.

Dynamite Roll (8 pc). $12 
-tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, green onion, mayo

The Dynamite Roll contained tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, green onion, and mayo.  I’ve had many dynamite rolls in my lifetime and they are one of my favourite rolls to have.  This one was a solid one but not the best.  The best roll of the night went to the Shinyuku Roll.

Sushi goes down the stomach so quickly and before we knew it, all the rolls were gone.  I appreciated that their wasabi here was the real deal.  It was truly authentically spicy and not just a paste.  Everything here is very fresh and truly top notch.  I also liked that all the sushi rolls were the perfect size to pop into your mouth; not too overly big.  The only little thing is that it is a little pricey (due to its location at Shops on Don Mills and its quality).  I’m really glad that I have a shop6ca privilege card and can reap a 10% discount from Kabuki Sushi Lounge every time I visit them.  Congratulations again on partnering up with shop6ca!


Have you been to Kabuki Sushi Lounge before?  What was your opinion of it?

It was very relaxing in there.  I liked the atmophere

Located at Shops on Don Mills

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4 Responses to Sushi at Kabuki Sushi Lounge!

  1. andy1076 says:

    You’re right, the sea urchin would of tasted better without the seaweed wrapped around it, I remember as a kid in Chile, I used to eat them fresh from the ocean, I’d harvest them from wherever I could find and ate it with a dash of lemon, sigh how I miss it 🙂

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