Food at Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

Located at 415 Harris St. in Ingersoll, Ontario

Perhaps it is in bad taste to review the food from a wedding venue, but I’m going to do it anyway (XD) (mostly because the food was so exquisite and I want to share this place with you guys).  This past weekend, I was at a friend’s wedding hosted at Elm Hurst Inn & Spa in Ingersoll, Ontario.  It is a lengthy drive for anyone living in Toronto (1.5-2 hour drive one way), but if you would like a nice getaway from the hectic city life and want to see some peaceful scenery and relax, it is a great place!  

I’m just going to comment on the food that we had for the lunch reception.  It was a pre-set lunch where you could pick beef, chicken, or salmon for the main entree.

Beautiful table set-up. Absolutely love the colour scheme!

Beautiful! (Loved the tasty horseradish too haha)

High ceilings; lovely lights 🙂

For hors d’oeuvres, there were some cheese and crackers and a shrimp tower.  I was busy helping the bride get ready so I didn’t get to try these but they looked amazing!

Shrimp tower

Hors d’oeuvres: cheese & crackers

The venue itself was beautiful and so classy.  I absolutely loved the colour palette of the wedding — white and peach.  It was a rather chillier weekend than the past few weeks in October but the fall foliage outside was beautiful.  There was free wifi provided. 🙂

Fresh garden salad

For starters, we had a really nice garden salad that contained really fresh leaves and vegetables.  You could tell the ingredients were organic or something grown locally because the leaves and vegetables tasted so light and crisp.  It was really, really good!  The dressing was light as well.

Prime rib with vegetables and potatoes

I picked beef for my main course and it was a beautifully presented dish with Yorkshire pudding on the top.  The prime rib was tender and soft and delicious!!

Salmon with a pecan marinate and vegetables and potatoes

My mom picked the salmon which I tried and it was so tender and soft.  It was perfectly done.  It’s hard to see a wedding venue cook really amazing food since they tend to cook it in huge batches and little attention is paid to the quality of the food sometimes, but this salmon was impeccable.  Yum!

Bread pudding

The dessert was a kind of bread pudding.  It was so cute as a little muffin-like cake.  There was cream on the top that wasn’t heavy and also with fruits and a candied orange.  So yummy!  Many people were full already at this point but I still managed to finish it all.  Delicious!

And because this is a food blog, the bride and groom chose a Spanish cake for their wedding cake.  It was a tres leches cake (Latin American dessert of yellow cake soaked in rich, cinnamon-flavoured cream and topped with dulce de leche).  It was ridiculously moist and tasted so good!  It was a little sweet for my mom but I thought it was delectable.  Delicious!

Beautiful wedding cake!

Tres leches wedding cake ^_^

That’s all!  If you plan on a having wedding reception or weekend getaway from the city, Elm Hurst Inn & Spa is a good place to consider because the environment is so nice and the food is so delicious! 🙂

Congratulations, bride & groom! ❤

Beautiful outdoor landscape for photos

Beautiful autumn season this year ❤

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