Don’s Fish & Chips (Brockville)

Don’s Fish & Chips located at 40 Water Street West in Brockville, Ontario

Midway into our road trip to good old Montreal, we stopped for lunch at Don’s Fish & Chips in Brockville, Ontario.  I’m not sure how the boys were able to find this place, but this was a gem for delicious fish and chips!

The restaurant is located near the lake in this little town and there is actually no seating inside.  Once you walk in (it looked like a portable in a school), you see the entire kitchen and counter where you order.  It’s space efficient, I guess you could say, and also needless to say, they are a take-out place.

Red rectangular building

We each ordered at the counter and got either a small or large order of fish and chips.  A small order came with a piece of fried haddock and chips while a large order came with two pieces of fish and chips.

Look at that “tub” of fries!

Behind the counter, you could actually see a bath tub full of fries that were in the process of being made… I’m not sure what was happening actually but they were also draining some fries on the top of the bath tub.  On the left side, you could see all the fryers and the staff making the orders.

The open kitchen and fryers

My order of fish and chips all wrapped up to go

Since there were over 15 of us in there at the same time, they got to work pretty quickly.  They were actually very efficient and got the food freshly fried to us in a reasonable period of time.. about 5-7 minutes probably.  The two staff at the kitchen worked together like a well-oiled machine (see the videos below).  Teamwork!  After frying the chips, they put it into a paper bag.  They also ask you if you want salt and vinegar with your chips.  I said yes to the salt and vinegar.  Then, they place the fried piece of fish with the chips into another paper bag and the entire thing is wrapped in a piece of newspaper.  It was a rather interesting process and something very old-school that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Making do with what we had — eating on the hoods of cars. Good thing it wasn’t too chilly outside that day!

Since there were no seats, we ended up eating right outside the restaurant where our cars were parked.  We ate on the hoods of the cars. XD

Opened up the newspaper to discover the bag of fries! Where’s the fish? Haha

Oh, there it is! 😉

Ripping apart the newspaper and paper bags, we discovered that there were a lot more chips than we anticipated.  The fries were actually so delicious!  They were perfectly crispy on the outside, slightly salty and tasty from the touch of vinegar.  I don’t know how else to describe it, but these were amazing fries!  The inside of the fries were perfect too and it wasn’t over-fried at all.


Delicious fried haddock:
Small Fish & Chips (1 fish, 1 regular chip). $9

The fried piece of haddock was a good size (not as big as some people might like it), but it actually tasted amazing too.  The batter was so thin that it was almost non-existent and the inside of the fish meat was so firm, solid, and delicious!  Their tartar sauce was not bad (it came in a small pack like the ketchup packs).  I ended up breaking apart the piece of fish and eating it like a piece of bread with my hands.  It was so good!!

If you are ever in this area of town, come visit Don’s Fish & Chips in Brockville.  I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it! 🙂

The haddock was so meaty and firm

Oh, and since there were so many chips in one small order, none of us could really finish one order by ourselves.  Sereen and I ended up packing up the rest of our combined leftover fries to go for the rest of our trip.  My recommendation is that you might want to share a large order of fish and chips instead if you are coming here with a buddy (large order is $13.90 for 2 fish and 1 regular chip).  That way, you can each have a piece of fish but have more than enough fries to share (unless you are super hungry and a crazy devourer of French fries 🙂 ).

Don's Fish & Chips Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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