The Launch of Acapeli’s Dairy-Free Gourmet Frozen Desserts

Acapeli’s Dairy-Free Gourmet Frozen Desserts launched at the Factory Lounge

This past Wednesday, Acapeli’s Dairy-Free Gourmet Frozen Desserts launched officially in Canada.  Acapeli’s: a “luxurious line of gluten free, dairy free, kosher pareve ice cream alternative marries artisanal ingredients and delicious flavours for a rich and elegant epicurean adventure”.  Invented and founded by food lover and entrepreneur, Michou Seiger, this line of dairy and gluten free desserts provides anyone who has food intolerance to be able to enjoy ice cream and frozen desserts.

This event was held at the Factory Lounge in Vaughan from 3-5 p.m. on May 11, 2016.  Special thanks to Encore Catering for setting up the venue and providing samples of the frozen desserts for guests and VIPs to try.

Ice sculpture showing the flavours of the ice cream

There were three stations set up for food samples.  The one in the centre of the room featured an ice sculpture of the names of the five ice cream flavours available from Acapeli’s currently — mint, lemon, vanilla bean, coffee espresso, and peanut butter with the tubs of the five ice cream available for tasting.  Additional flavours will be introduced in time.

Ice cream station

There was a station for the frozen desserts, including ice cream profiteroles, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream cakes!  This was definitely a very popular station with the frozen desserts gone by the halfway point of the event.

Frozen dessert station including ice cream sandwiches and profiteroles

Ice cream cakes!

Ice cream sandwiches

The third station was for the ice cream specialty shakes.  There were three flavours of the ice cream shakes; all of which included alcohol in its mixture.

Specialty shakes

Three flavours of the specialty shakes

Everything was prepared well in advance and it was a very casual event for food bloggers and guests to mix and mingle to try the frozen desserts as well as speak to Michou herself and the team members of the newly launched frozen dessert line.

During my visit, I was able to try the vanilla bean with vodka shake.  It was very thick and I could taste a little bit of the vodka inside of the shake.   The other two flavours included peppermint with vodka, espresso, and chocolate vodka.  (In the future, I think it would be nice if there were small signs set up next to each sample showing the name of the food product as well as its ingredients.  While I did chat with the staff there about the ingredients and the name of the products, names of the products in a tag would have been greatly appreciated!)

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Shake with Vodka

I tried a slice of each of the ice cream cakes: Frozen Lemon Meringue Torte and Vanilla Bean Chocolate Brownie Torte.  I really enjoyed the Frozen Lemon Meringue Torte as the lemon meringue was refreshing and delicious!

A slice each of the Frozen Lemon Meringue Torte and Vanilla Bean Chocolate Brownie Torte

Michou herself personally scooping up the five types of ice cream on a plate for me to enjoy. Thank you so much!

Finally, I tried the ice cream flavours by themselves.  Out of the five flavours, I really enjoyed the peanut butter and coffee, with the lemon coming in on a close tie between those two rich flavours.  I am not much of a peanut butter fan, but the way that the peanut butter flavour was so creamy rich really won me over.  I really enjoyed its texture too; a little bit grainy so that you could distinguish the peanut butter.

The coffee flavour was delectable and the lemon flavour, just like in the ice cream cake, was refreshing and tangy.  For mint lovers, I think they would really enjoy the mint flavoured ice cream as well!

Five flavours of Acapeli ice cream and various toppings

Thanks again to Encore Catering for inviting me to the launch of Acapel’s Dairy-Free Gourmet Frozen Desserts.  It was a pleasure for me to try out the launch of this premium dessert line ahead of its public debut.

Vanilla Bean ice cream with topping

Mint chocolate ice cream sandwich

As the event was closing up at 5 p.m., I wanted to try this ice cream sandwich of the mint chocolate ice cream flavour.  The staff there were kind and thoughtful to give me a fresh new one since the ones sitting on the display were already melting.  This new one was definitely a frozen dessert!  It was rock hard!

I ended up wrapping it in a napkin and taking it home to enjoy.  I was so pleased to find that even with my 45-minute commute ride home, the ice cream sandwich didn’t melt at all!  I really liked the mint chocolate ice cream and the chocolate chip cookie.  I shared the rest of it with my mom and she really enjoyed it too!

Acapeli’s Dairy-Free Gourmet Frozen Desserts details

Guests enjoying the frozen desserts

Factory Lounge is a beautiful place for an open concept venue!

Factory Lounge storefront

You can find Acapeli’products s via food service industry delegates and they have eventual plans to break into the retail sector.  You can also visit their website at

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Encore Catering invited me to a complimentary tasting to showcase Acapeli’s products, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.

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