Chef’s Plate: Salmon and Herb Salsa

Salmon and Herb Salsa with Orzo, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Arugula

Salmon and Herb Salsa with Orzo, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Arugula

For my second dish of this fourth shipment of Chef’s Plate for me, we made a Salmon and Herb Salsa with Orzo, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Arugula.  I have to say that this was one of the best-tasting dishes that I’ve made from Chef’s Plate!  Everything was perfect — from the super fresh ingredients, the perfectly portioned groceries needed to complete this dish, the taste and uniqueness of the meal, to the way that I even made this dish.  Just perfection!  I was so impressed with the meal as I was sitting down eating it. 😀

Just a quick refresher for those of you that don’t know, Chef’s Plate is a home delivery service that prepares meals for you on a weekly basis (you can choose the meals).  They deliver straight to your home and the ingredients are pre-measured and pre-portioned with easy-to-understand recipe cards.  The goal is for you to become a chef in your own home!  The recipes are almost all flawless — I’ve now made and eaten a total of nine meals from Chef’s Plate and none of them disappointed me.  If you want to give it a try, click this link and use the referral code #freeplatesfromstenoodie in order to try out your first four plates for free!

 Ingredients and recipe for the Salmon and Herb Salsa

Ingredients and recipe for the Salmon and Herb Salsa

Anyway, this dish of “Salmon and Herb Salsa with Orzo, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Arugula” had a prep time of 30 minutes and a difficulty level of Medium.

Salmon and Herb Salsa with Orzo, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Arugula recipe card

Salmon and Herb Salsa with Orzo, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Arugula recipe card

Now that I’ve made so many meals with Chef’s Plate and know the drill of how to prep all the ingredients beforehand, this meal didn’t take as long as the very first time I tried Chef’s Plate.  I was in a routine and rhythm!

First of all, I marinated the salmon fillets first with salt and pepper (so that they would get maximum marination) even though the recipe doesn’t call for you to marinate until just before cooking the salmon fillets.

 Sustainably Sourced Salmon

Sustainably Sourced Seafood makes it so much more delicious!

Seasoned salmon fillets

Seasoning the salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Easy peasy!

There weren’t a lot of produce to wash and the chopping and dicing of the vegetables was straight-forward.

 dicing and cooking sweet potatoes and corn

Dicing the sweet potato, flying it for 8-10 minutes, and then adding the corn to the pan removed from heat

 cooking ingredients

Carefully dicing and mincing the other ingredients (corn was ready already)

 a package of orzo pasta

Orzo pasta

I had never made orzo pasta before (it’s shaped like rice grains!) but I actually remember having it recently on the plane ride back from Europe in one of those in-flight meals.  It was actually very delicious with a cream sauce!  I was looking forward to the outcome of this orzo pasta too.




 cooking orzo and sweet potatoes

Cooking the orzo for 7 to 8 minutes and then adding in the sweet potato mixture

It was surprising to see that the herb salsa was so simple.  It was mixed together using only two tablespoons of olive oil, parsley, shallot, and capers all finely minced.  This actually tasted so good afterwards with the salmon!

 Making an herb salsa

This herb salsa was so simple to make but its taste was beyond this world!

 Cooking salmon fillets on medium heat

Cooking salmon fillets on medium heat

Plating this dish was a little easier this time because I followed the picture’s look and all I did was pour the orzo, with sweet potatoes and corn on to the plate first, followed by a few sprigs of the baby arugula, flopping the finished salmon fillet on top, and then garnishing the herb salsa in a haphazard way on top of the salmon.  Ta-da!  Another meal complete!

Like I said, I was blown away with the taste and quality of this meal.  Who knew that a Salmon and Herb Salsa would taste so darn delicious?  The salmon was also grilled just right so that it wasn’t rough at all.  It almost reminded me of smoked salmon, especially with the capers inside the herb salsa.

 Salmon and Herb Salsa

Salmon and Herb Salsa completed!

What I liked most about this dish was that the flavours took turns demonstrating their strength in the dish.  While the orzo, sweet potatoes, and corn weren’t very flavourful yet soft and sweet (the sweet potatoes and corn brought out a juicy sweetness), it paired perfectly with the salty and flavourful herb salsa.  The minced capers really packed a strong punch to the dish!  The salmon fillet was so fresh and cooked perfectly.  In addition, the baby arugula was incredibly fresh and such a clean addition to the meal.

 two servings of Salmon and Herb Salsa

As always, this makes two servings

 Chef's Plate ingredients

Absolutely loved this dish from Chef’s Plate!!

Enjoy my photos of this dish!  If you want to try this out for yourself, head to the Chef’s Plate website and then checkout with four plates of food for free!  (Use code:  #freeplatesfromstenoodie.)  As always, happy eating and cooking! 😀




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