Chef’s Plate: Steak and Miso Salad

Steak and Miso Salad with Avocado, Pineapple, and Wasabi Peas

Steak and Miso Salad with Avocado, Pineapple, and Wasabi Peas

For my last meal from Chef’s Plate this time, I made the Steak and Miso Salad.  This had a difficulty level of Easy and prep time was 25 minutes.

I’ve had a lot of experience cooking meals from Chef’s Plate now and knew exactly what to expect for this meal.  This meal was indeed very simple to make and the instructions were straight-forward.  If you don’t know, Chef’s Plate is a meal prep service where you choose the meals that you want to eat from their website and they deliver the fresh, local ingredients straight to your doorstep along with a chef-inspired recipe for each meal.  I love the convenience of Chef’s Plate and how delicious the meals are as well!

So let’s get started with this Steak and Miso Salad with Avocado, Pineapple, and Wasabi Peas!

Ingredients needed to make this steak and miso salad!

Recipe card

Locally sourced beef

The steps were simple.  Take the steak out and season it first with salt and pepper.  This first is always the easiest and the first step I make because I want to make sure that my meats are seasoned well ahead of when I put it into the pan to cook.

Next was the cutting of the produce.  Wash and dry and then cut the romaine lettuce, yellow bell pepper, mini cucumber, mint, avocado, and squash the wasabi peas with a knife.


Place the mini cucumber flat on a board and then run a vegetable peeler down its length to make thin ribbons

Roughly chopped mint

Produce all washed and ready!

Seasoned flat iron steak with salt and pepper first

Cook the steak to medium rare (how I like it), which was about 3 to 4 minutes on each side.  It’s easy to overcook it, so to be on the safe side, I removed it soon after I saw that both sides were already brown.  (I actually could have left it on for another 30 second to seal in the juices and have the exterior of the steak more crispy.)

Mmm! Perfectly medium rare

Slice the steak and then use its pan juices to make the pineapple miso dressing. I think there could have been more white miso paste included.  1 and a half tablespoon wasn’t enough in my opinion!

Making the pineapple miso dressing

Use the cooking juices from the steak to make the pineapple miso dressing

After that, mix and toss the salad with half of the pineapple miso dressing.  Leave the other half to drizzle on top of the salad and steak.  Sprinkle on the crushed wasabi peas and mint.

Steak and Miso Salad!

Ta-da!  All done!  Medium rare flat iron steak with a crispy and refreshing miso salad made with pineapples, avocado, and wasabi peas.

This was the first time I had used a white miso paste, crushed pineapple, and wasabi peas in my cooking…. Let’s face it, I don’t really “cook” major recipes at home haha.

I loved the freshness and quality of the vegetables.  The yellow bell peppers, avocado, romaine lettuce, were all so fresh and juicy!  You could really hear the crisp of the romaine lettuce as you bit into each leaf.

Not enough pineapple miso dressing in my opinion

The flat iron steak was cooked very nicely and definitely red in the centre, which made it soft and tender.  In addition to leaving it on the pan for a little while longer to seal in the juices, I could have added a pinch more pepper to make the edges more crispy and have more texture.  Nevertheless, it was still a really great steak.

This makes two servings

I liked the simplicity and simple flavours in this dish.  I actually couldn’t taste the spice from the wasabi peas very much and wish there were more miso paste to enrich the miso flavour more in the dish.

Despite all, this was another great recipe from Chef’s Plate.  I cannot wait to cook more dishes from them!

If you would like to try Chef’s Plate out, you can do so and get four free plates from me! Simply click this link and choose your meals, and when you checkout, four plates will be automatically deducted off your order.  (You can also input the promo code #freeplatesfromstenoodie too.)

Happy cooking and eating, my friends! 🙂

Healthy steak and salad with no carbs


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