Europe 2016 ~ Day 3: Reims, France, & Luxembourg

Enjoying the views of Luxembourg ^_^

Friday, Apr 15, 2016:  Day 3 Luxembourg.

Sooo tired today!  The lack of sleep is catching up to me..  

Woke up at 6:15 a.m. again.  Breakfast in the dining room but I was used to the limited choices now.

Continental breakfast at Comfort Hotel Airport CDG in Paris

Long ride to Reims.  Pit stop with wifi hehe.

The lush green scenery on the way to Luxembourg

Pit stop with lots of wonderful snacks and free wifi!

Got to Reims.  Church.  Land of champagne.  We walked around.  Visited cute shops and bought foie gras.  Tried ginger tea.  So good.

Church in Reims, France


Beautiful sunny day

Very hard to capture the entire church in one angle

The streets of Reims! So peaceful and quiet

This is the origin of the TTC streetcars in Toronto! These are the Bombardier streetcars, exactly the same as the ones in Toronto now

Structures showing the history of Reims

I loved this view!

merry-go-round in Reims France

There was a random merry-go-round on the street! We walked through it and took pictures haha

Walking through a outdoor mall

Lots of tiny shoes!

Maracon and desserts shop

Foie gras and tea tasting! Yum

There were very little people here in this city

Lunch at Le Gaulois (blogged).  Foie gras, chicken gizzard, duck breast, escargots, so good!!!  Rushed though.

Reims is known as the land of champagne

Back on bus.  Slept.

Pit stop.

Pit stop as we approached Luxembourg

I love Europe’s landscape

Arrived in Luxembourg at 4 p.m.

Arrival in Luxembourg, a small country bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany


These are famous Luxembourg landmarks!

A super cute car spotted on the streets of Luxembourg as we started our walking tour

Official building



We were here on the perfect day. Breezy weather summer

Map of Luxembourg

This turned out to be such a great photo!


Ken took this photo. So nice!

I loved this view of Luxembourg so much that I took so many photos…

Hands in the air like you just don’t care! 😛

Europe ❤

We did a brief stop at this supermarket to see what we could buy. One of the staff here was super rude and yelled and glared at me when she saw me taking photos inside. The atmosphere was much different than that of tourist-friendly Paris

It was raining a little bit but the rain clouds soon revealed something beautiful!

A gigantic rainbow after the rain!

Walked around the medieval castles and slopes.  Walking tour with the guide.  Reminded me of Portugal.

Dinner at Snack Ankara (blogged).  The adults liked it lol.

Chocolate cookies from the hotel after we checked in 🙂

Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Luxembourg (blogged).  Free cookies!  So nice compared to the first few days of hotel lol.  Sooo tired tonight.  Good night.

Tmr is Frankfurt!!

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