Vlaamse Frites (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

Vlamsse Frites Amsterdam airport

Vlaamse Frites located inside Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at Evert van de Beekstraat 202 1118 Schiphol in Amsterdam

When we had stopped for about 30 minutes inside the Amsterdam Airport to grab some food or groceries, I spotted Vlaamse Frites and instantly recognized it as a well-known franchise for Dutch Fries.  Even though I had never had fries from Vlaamse Frites before, something about it screamed must-try and authentic.  

Thus, in the last five minutes before we were to board the bus to go to our hotel, I lined up to get a small size of Dutch Fries.

‘Eat as the locals do wherever you go during your travels’ so once I saw the man in front of me order the fries in a cone with mayonnaise as the topping, that’s what I got too.

 Vlaamse Frites

Seeing this huge plastic stand for Vlaamse Frites got me so excited!

 Vlaamse Frites menu

Just a few options making it easy to choose what to get

 Vlaamse Frites counter

Eat as the locals eat!

 Vlaamse Frites

Snapping a photo of the ones that were already on the counter

The small size cost 2.50€ and .60€ for a choice of sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup, curry) and I immediately snapped some pictures before I tried the fries with a huge dollop of mayonnaise.

 Vlaamse Frites small size

Small size of Vlaamse Frites with mayonnaise! ^_^ 2.50€ + .60€

 Vlaamse Frites

Front and back

 Vlaamse Frites

Couldn’t resist taking a photo with the big one with the actual Dutch fries in my hand!

Mmmmm it was delicious!   The concept was so simple; just French fries drenched in mayonnaise, but the fries were freshly fried and the mayonnaise was thick and creamy.

I loved this!

I was so grateful that I got to try these in the spur of the moment!  Even the small size didn’t seem enough for me.  XD



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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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