Manneken Pis (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Manneken Pis fries

Manneken Pis located at Damrak 41, 1012 LK Amsterdam in the Netherlands

After walking around the streets of Amsterdam (including a quick walk-through the famous red light district), it was dinner time and we went straight to Manneken Pis for some Dutch fries.

The tour guide recommended this place to us, saying that it was the number one Dutch fries shop in Amsterdam.  (Having had some at Vlaamse Frites last night, I was intrigued to see how these famous ones would pair up.)

We arrived at the Maanekens Pis shop and indeed there was a line-up (or should I say queue) forming already.  At the front of their shop, there was a sign proclaiming “Verse Vlaamse Frites Voted No. 1 Holland Fries”.

 Manneken Pis storefront

The storefront of Manneken Pis where there was a line-up that moved quickly. There were even more people that lined up after us!

My friend Chris commented on my photo of the Dutch fries from yesterday saying that I should try the curry topping as that’s what the locals get.  Since we were a party of six people, we ordered two large servings of the famous Dutch fries with a mayonnaise topping on one serving and a curry topping on the other.

Manneken Pis menu

Manneken Pis menu

I filmed a quick video of the process in which the staff member rounded up the fries and squeezed the toppings onto the large cones:

It cost 4,95€ for the large size and each topping was an extra 0,50€.

Manneken Pis fries station

This guy was the only one manning the assembly fries station

Manneken Pis fries station

Does he get tired of this?

Manneken Pis fries station

Look at that huge mountain of fries behind him! (Sorry, blurry photo)

Manneken Pis fries station

Shake, shake, shake

Manneken Pis fries station


Manneken Pis Fries with Curry

Manneken Pis Fries with Curry. 4,95€ (large) + 0,50€ for topping

Wow, their large size was indeed large!!  Too bad in the shuffle of time that I didn’t get to take a single full-length photo with these gigantic fries.  If I were to hold them up to my head, it’d be bigger than my face!

We started munching on the fries immediately.  We used our hands (the plastic forks only proved useful afterwards when we were nearing the tip of the cone).

The curry topping wasn’t a typical yellow curry as I expected but a red curry sauce that was slightly sweet.  It was a rich flavour and different from the creamy mayonnaise topping.

 Photo in front of Manneken Pis

Quick group photos and photos with the fries before we began eating

The creamy mayonnaise topping seemed the more popular topping and accepted by everyone.  I wish there were even more of the mayonnaise in here actually to provide coverage for the fries at the bottom of the cone.

Manneken Pis Fries with Mayonnaise

Manneken Pis Fries with Mayonnaise. 4,95€ (large) + 0,50€ for topping

Dutch Fries with Mayonnaise

Note the size of the paper cup!

Dutch Fries with Curry

These forks were useful when it came to getting the ones at the bottom of the cup

Dutch Fries with Curry


I thought that both toppings tasted good but the mayonnaise would be more of a topping I’d crave.

 stenoodie Dutch fries

So happy to try these authentic Dutch fries in Amsterdam! But felt rushed here haha

By the time we were done eating, a large line-up had formed.  Good thing we came early! 😀

The fries were good!  However, perhaps it was my first time having Dutch fries yesterday at Vlaamse Frites, I thought theirs tasted better; both the fries themselves and the topping.

Have you been to Maanekens Pis before to try their Dutch fries?  Leave your comments below. 🙂



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