Tangerine Asian Cuisine (Markham location)

Thai Red Curry Chicken with rice

Tangerine Asian Cuisine located at 7690 Markham Rd Unit 4C in Markham

I’m trying to use up more coupons that I have from the Entertainment.com coupon book that I got for 2016.  There are a ton of great restaurant deals in here and before the year is over, my goal is to use up as many as I can.  With that said, Tangerine Asian Cuisine is one of the restaurants participating in this discount voucher book so it was perfect for my mom and I to try it out for lunch on a sunny Friday in Markham.

Tangerine Asian Cuisine has three locations: Markham, Whitby, and Richmond Hill.  I don’t believe that I had been to this restaurant before, although when I walked in, the interior was so familiar that I may have been here for lunch with my friend Marilyn before many years ago.  I’d have to ask her to confirm. XD

Tangerine Asian Cuisine serves Indian Chinese Hakka Cuisine and is located in an area where there are numerous Middle Eastern, Indian, and South Asian influences.

Tangerine Asian Cuisine interior

Lots of tables inside!

Since we were here for lunch time, there were actually a lot of people and I could tell that this was a popular lunch spot for locals to dine in or order take-out.

Tangerine Asian Cuisine lunch menu

The lunch menu that everyone was here for because the deals were so good

Tangerine Asian Cuisine lunch menu

Inside the lunch menu

Since we wanted to take advantage of the voucher that we had for a free lunch entrée upon ordering of a first one, we chose two lunch entrées and then also ordered one item off of their lunch menu.  Their lunch menu was a fantastic deal and I could understand why this restaurant was so popular!  Any of their items on the lunch menu were only $5.99 or $6.99 complete with a portion of food that would fill you up.

The service here was attentive and fast.  After we placed our order, the spring roll from the lunch menu arrived.  It was a vegetarian spring roll and actually tasted very good.  It was crispy and warm.  Its insides were of vegetables.

Vegetarian spring roll

Vegetarian spring roll

Thai Red Curry Chicken with rice

Thai Red Curry Chicken with rice. $6.99

We ordered the Thai Red Curry Chicken with rice from the lunch menu.  I really enjoyed this red curry chicken since the red curry was extremely creamy and the coconut cream was very evident.  The pieces of chicken in the dish were also tender and moist.  There were also chunks of eggplant and green peas within it.  It was a great choice! 😀

I had fond memories of the most recent Chinese Hakka restaurant I’ve been to (Hakka Wow!) so we ordered the Tiger Prawns with Lobster Sauce and Crispy Ginger Beef (dry) as our two lunch entrées.

The food arrived quickly.  The Crispy Ginger Beef was a generous portion of beef that was fried to a crisp yet still tender.  I could really taste the ginger in it.  It was also a little sweet.

Crispy Ginger Beef (dry)

Crispy Ginger Beef (dry)

Tiger Prawns with Lobster Sauce

Tiger Prawns with Lobster Sauce. $10.50

The Tiger Prawns with Lobster Sauce was a deep dish where the lobster sauce covered all of the tiger prawns — it was great to mix rice with the lobster sauce to eat.  The tiger prawns were a little smaller than the ones from Hakka Wow! and were already de-shelled.  The tiger prawns were firm.


Tiger Prawns with Lobster Sauce

The prawn/shrimp! Not the big ones as I had expected

dishes at Tangerine Asian Cuisine

Mmm 🙂

As you might have guessed, we didn’t finish all of the food so we took the leftovers home.  Again, I have to commend the service here as it was very fast, both the time for the dishes to arrive at the table and for the servers to clear our table of any dirty plates.  I found it nice that the owner thanked me for visiting and said good-bye to me as I left.

This location of Tangerine Asian Cuisine is a little bit out of the way for me to get to, but if I was in this area and craving for Hakka Indian Chinese food, I would definitely come here again.  If you can, come during lunch since their lunch deals are so affordable! 🙂

Tangerine Asian Cuisine exterior

Its exterior


Yep, I returned again (for dinner) in August 2016.  This time, we ordered an appetizer and two dishes to share.  I enjoyed the food just as much as the first time.  I appreciated the owner’s hospitality.  I also discovered there was free wifi accessible from the next door store.

My mom ordered a glass of mango juice.  This was extremely fresh and sweet like real mango!

Mango Juice

Mango Juice. $1.99

I had fond memories of the Lollipop Chicken that I had at Hakka Wow so I ordered these which were served as an appetizer.  There were 8 pieces of the lollipop chicken, fried chicken drumsticks, and served with a hot spicy sauce.  I absolutely loved this!!  The hot spicy sauce was definitely spicy and I found that even eating the lollipop chicken by itself was already delicious enough. ^_^  I love fried chicken.

Lollipop Chicken

Lollipop Chicken

Lollipop Chicken

Lollipop Chicken, a fave dish

The Bombay Paneer was a little spicy too (with two symbol peppers indicating of its spice level on the menu).  Paneer is cheese and these morsels of cheese were so savory and perfect with some rice!  This dish was also right up my alley.

Bombay Paneer

Bombay Paneer

Bombay Paneer

Close-up of the Bombay Paneer

The Tiger Prawns with Mixed Vegetables were good too.  The tiger prawns were the same ones in terms of quality and firmness as last visit’s Tiger Prawns with Lobster Sauce.  There was a lot of thick sauce in the dish too that you could mix with rice if you so desired.

Tiger Prawns with Mixed Vegetables

Tiger Prawns with Mixed Vegetables

I had another amazing meal here at Tangerine!  We didn’t finish all of the food so we packed it up home to enjoy later.  I am definitely a fan of Tangerine Asian Cuisine and will not hesitate to return for more dishes! 🙂

Tangerine Asian Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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