Review: Massage Habit

Massage Habit

Massage Habit located at 114 Tower Hill Rd. in Richmond Hill

Back in March of this year, I was alerted that Groupon was promoting $30 massages for a limited time on their site!  As we all might know, massages are not cheap so when I saw this amazing deal, I bought two of these Groupon deals right away.  One of these deals was at a place called Massage Habit for a 60-minute Swedish massage which was valued at an original price of $85.  What a steal!

I finally took some time to redeem this Groupon last week.  I called in ahead of time to book a time with the female receptionist who was very professional on the call.  I was told to arrive five minutes before my appointment and she also took down my Groupon voucher number on the phone.  I even received a voice mail the day before the scheduled massage date to confirm my appointment which I thought was a little unnecessary but thoughtful nonetheless.

 Massage Habit reception desk

Reception desk

Massage Habit is located at 114 Tower Hill Rd. in Richmond Hill.  Unfortunately, when I was heading there, there was some construction being done on one of the streets which led me to arrive right on the dot at my 2 p.m. appointment and not early like I had wanted and recommended.  Jessica was professional about this and suggested that I register and sign the papers after my massage due to the time constraint.  She led me to the massage room, explained the procedure, and showed me where the restroom was.  (Massage Habit is easily seen from the road when you down north on Yonge Street — they have a big blue sign showing its name.)

 Product display

Product display

It was a really big unit with a long hallway and individual rooms leading off from the hall.  The bathroom was very large (as was the massage room itself) and had some nice decor on the wall.  I loved how there was calming spa music playing throughout the unit (a little louder than most spa places even).

After I changed and crawled under the sheets, I awaited for the masseuse to come inside the room (I also liked how they only had female masseuses at Massage Habit so there was no need to worry about accidentally booking a male masseuse).

I later learned that my masseuse’s name was Stephanie.  I had such a relaxing and thorough 60-minute massage!  (It was really 10 minutes of changing plus 50 minutes of actual massage time on the bed as noted on the Groupon.)  Stephanie was so strong during the massage but yet was so fluid in her motions.  “Fluid” was the key word that I thought of during the entire massage.  I’ve had a lot of massages done by different masseuses in the past and this one was so full of strength yet so relaxing and smooth.  It was exceptionally good and I was uber impressed!

Stephanie spent a long time on my back and helped me to smooth out many spots.  It was such a great massage!  Then she moved on to my legs, arms, shoulders, forehead, and then a quick head massage before getting a hot towel for me and helping me wipe down not only my arms and shoulders but my back.  She was very professional and thorough throughout the entire process.  I was so impressed with the entire massage!

 Massage Habit business card

Massage Habit business card

When I went out into the reception desk to pay the tax on the Groupon and fill in an info sheet for Massage Habit, Jessica let me know that I wouldn’t be able to buy another Groupon to use at their facilities in the future but that they offer a special one-time offer for new clients.  Their regular price for a 60-minute massage cost $85, but if I wanted to return, there was a one-time special of $45 for my next 60-minute massage.  The catch was that I had to pay for it right then and there.  If I walked out the door, then the massage would be $85 again.

Since I had had such an amazing massage experience and really enjoyed it, it was a no-brainer for me to snag that deal.  $45 for a regular 60-minute massage is already a great deal and since I knew the quality of the massages here were definitely up to par and I enjoyed it, I bought it right away.

I paid Jessica the $45 plus tax and left soon after.  I found out that they have four other masseuses that work there.  They also offer facials, nails, hot stone massages, and the R.M.T massage that I experienced.  I would recommend Massage Habit if it’s a close location for you to get to and to try out their service.

Who knows if this amazing massage experience was just a one-off?  Nevertheless, like I said, $45 for a massage is still darn cheap.  I’m curious to seeing what my return visit will be like and hope it will be just as good as this first visit.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

 Massage Habit service rates

Massage Habit service rates

 Massage Habit service rates

Massage Habit service rates

Update:  After that first impressionable visit, I had gone back to Massage Habit at least four times for one-hour massages using the same $45 deal (the receptionist continually offered it to me after each visit).  I even bought and redeemed a Groupon one-hour couple’s massage with my boo as I wanted him to experience the same quality massage I had on that first visit.

However, the calibre of the massages kept deteriorating and the experiences weren’t that professional anymore (by that, I mean the massage therapists’ attitude and demeanour were poor and below standard.  For example, during the couple’s massage, our experience was negatively affected because one of the massage therapists was loudly gossiping to the other massage therapist in Cantonese right before our massage.  It soured what was meant to be a relaxing experience and it is unprofessional in general to be behaving like that in front of clients).

I stopped going after one more unsatisfactory massage sometime last year in 2018 and wouldn’t recommend this massage parlour anymore.  The first massage therapist who gave me that incredible massage, Stephanie, also no longer works there and hasn’t worked there for a long time.


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