B’saha Restaurant’s Opening Party at Artemano

B’saha Restaurant to be located at 599 College St in Toronto

I had the pleasure to be invited to B’saha Restaurant‘s opening party to try their Moroccan street food!  The event took place at Artemano, a high quality wood furniture shop at Shops on Don Mills.  

I wasn’t sure what to expect as the event invitation stated the party would be running from 6 to 9 p.m.

An excerpt of the email invitation I received and information about the upcoming B’saha Restaurant:

“After years of extensive planning and preparation Bsaha will finally be opening their doors to the public.  With help from Artemano designing their one of a kind restaurant owners Otman and Sasaa are seeing their dreams come to life.  Recreating most of Morocco’s most authentic recipes right here!

Artemano was founded in Laval, Quebec.  A home furnishing company  uniquely establishing the beauty and exoticism of various woods sourced throughout south east Asia.  A combination of east meets west, of new and old, and of ambiances inspired by nature and the clean, simple, straightforward design that is pervasive across south east Asia is the company’s foundation sealed with outstanding craftsmanship and service.”

When I got there at 6:15 p.m. — it was difficult to find parking — I realized it was an casual open party where there was food served on the table and guests sample food to eat and mingle.

 Artemano furniture store interior

A beautiful wood-focused furniture store

 B'saha Restaurant's opening party

B’saha Restaurant’s opening party

There was an assortment of Moroccan food on the setup table.

 Moroccan food on the table

Moroccan food ready to be sampled!


-house made merguez sausages, Zaalook (Moroccan salad of cooked aubergine and raw tomatoes), Harrisa Mayo


-slow cooked saffron lemon chicken, olives, preserved lemons, hand cut fries

I tried one of each selection and really liked the Merguez which was a sausage made with lamb and beef on a baguette.  It was very tasty!

Moroccan food on plate

The sampling of Moroccan food on my plate

The Zaalook (Moroccan salad of cooked aubergine and raw tomatoes) was delightful.

The chilled carrot soup (not sure what the name was) was so refreshing and unique.

 Chilled carrot soup

Chilled carrot soup

The Moroccan Mint Tea they served was sweet and citrusy.  I really liked it!

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

They also had red and white wines available.



 White and red wine

White and red wine

The Bastilla was a warm dish of shredded chicken with saffron and hand cut fries.  The chicken was so torn up that it was soft and the dish itself tasted both sweet and savory.


What an interesting warm chicken dish!


You can see the shredded chicken more clearly in this photo

Out of curiosity for the foods on the table as there wasn’t much explanation or signs explaining what the foods were, I asked the host of the event which led me to talking to the other team members including the head chef.

I got to be the first to try their Braised Beef sandwich.  It was a blend between beef shank and fruit on a slider!

 Braised Beef sandwiches

Braised Beef sandwich
-slow braised beef shanks, caramelized apricot, shaved almonds

 Braised Beef sandwich

I’ve never had this before! Beef and fruit in a sandwich 🙂

I found it to be a unique event that was more intimate and low-key in a posh furniture shop.  When B’saha Restaurant opens at the end of the month, I’d love to visit to see how they have transformed their space using the wood furniture from Artemano’s shop.

 B'saha Restaurant opening party

Alison inquiring about the food at the event


Guests eating and mingling at Artemano

 wooden table at Artemano

One of the many wood furniture pieces at Artemano

 B'saha Restaurant business card

They are opening at the end of this month at College Street!

Thank you again for inviting me, John! 🙂

FTC Disclaimer:  Although B’saha Restaurant invited me to a complimentary tasting, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.


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    Glad you were able to meeting my friends (cookingwithalison.com)

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