SushiRama (Paris, France)

SushiRama restaurant

SushiRama located at 11 rue de Paris, 77990 Le Mesnil-Amelot in Paris, France

After our bus ride from Brussels, Belgium back into Paris, France, we unpacked our stuff and then walked outside of the hotel to find some dinner.  After considering two other restaurants on the street, we settled on a Japanese restaurant called SushiRama.  

There were some other people here on this night but we noticed that the majority of their customers were take-out orders!  They had numerous take-out boxes that were delivered out to customers during the night.

SushiRama interior

Inside of SushiRama

We ordered all hot dishes to share that night (didn’t want to risk diarrhea from any raw food).  Yakitori, unagi eel rice, and stir-fried chicken and mushrooms, and more.

 First, some Heineken beer. XD

Heineken beer

Heineken beer

Refreshing mushroom soup and simple salad that was very crunchy!

Mushroom soup and salad

Mushroom soup and salad

The Yakitori came with some dumplings! 🙂  6 Raviolis japonis: 5 brochettes, 2 poutlet, 1 bœuf, 1 boulettes de poulet, 1 bœuf de fromage.


2 poutlet, 1 bœuf, 1 boulettes de poulet, 1 bœuf de fromage. €13,50



Unagi eel with rice; Chirashi anguille grillée avec riz nature.  This was very good.

Chirashi anguille grillée avec riz nature

Chirashi anguille grillée avec riz nature. €15

Stir-fried beef with mushrooms; Bœuf plaque chauffante.

Bœuf plaque chauffante

Bœuf plaque chauffante. €12,80
-bœuf au oignon avec sauce japonais

And that’s all.  Short blog post on this restaurant.

Sushirama business card

Sushirama info

Sushirama exterior

Sushirama from the outside


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