Ijsberg (Brussels, Belgium)

Ijsberg waffle

Ijsberg located at Rue de la Montagne 68 1000 Bruxelles in Belgium

After a quick lunch at Le Calalou, just before boarding the tour bus to get on the road again, I spotted the nearest cafe which sold waffles to get one to try.  (There were actually so many waffle shops on the streets near Manneken Pis where the main tourist spots were but I didn’t grab one from there unfortunately.)  Thus, this little shop off of the main area had to do.  I just couldn’t leave Belgium without trying some famous Belgian waffles!  

Ijsberg was a small shop that sold waffles and drinks.  There was one lady working behind the counter who asked me what I wanted.  I quickly took a look and pointed to the one that had caramel syrup and cookies on it.  It looked good and the photos I took really highlighted its uniqueness too.  I’d never had a waffle like this before!

 Ijsberg interior

The inside of Ijsberg. There was also a section for dine-in

 Ijsberg menu cover

Ijsberg serves waffles and ice cream

 Ijsberg menu

Their menu of what they serve

 Ijsberg waffles and ice cream menu

The waffles and ice cream section of the menu

 Making the waffles

The only staff in the cafe. She made the waffles for me in about 3 minutes

 The waffle itself was really soft which I really liked.  The biscuits were very crunchy.  However, the caramel syrup was a little much and made the entire thing overly sweet.  I was still really glad I got to try it though! 🙂

Waffles with caramel syrup and biscuits

Waffles with caramel syrup and biscuits

 When I posted this photo of the waffle on social media, one of my friends who had been to Belgium before recommended that I get the waffles with just plain chocolate next time as it’s a plain yet delicious choice.  Ah, I’ll have to wait for a next visit to Belgium perhaps then to try that. 🙂

 Ijsberg exterior

There were some customers enjoying the sunshine outdoors on the patio too

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