La Place (Paris, France)

La Place located at 194 Avenue de Choisy 75013 Paris, France

For our final meal in Paris, France before we flew out the next day, we dined at a truly authentic French restaurant called La Place, on recommendation from the tour guide.

We quickly went in since our free time for dinner was limited (we had a guided city tour scheduled later that night around the city).  La Place had a dining lounge both inside and outside where their glassed-in outdoor patio was divided into a smoking and non-smoking section.  We definitely took advantage of the full Parisian experience and sat outside where the non-smoking section was.

After a quick look at the menu, we knew what we wanted to enjoy for our last French meal on this trip.  Luckily, the server was efficient and quick and understood our need that we wanted all of the courses to arrive all at once to save time — yes, even dessert.

 La Place restaurant hours

La Place menu cover

It was a really nice patio and I loved every minute it of it.  You can bet that I took a lot of pictures too! :p

 patio at La Place

Partial view of the glassed-in outdoor patio

We ordered a glass of IGP Côtes de Gascogne (Colombard Chardonnay) to enjoy.  It was perfect!

Chardonnay 15 cl

IGP Côtes de Gascogne (15 cl). 4,10€
-Colombard Chardonnay

 French baguettes in basket

Baguettes to serve alongside the food

 French utensils

Utensils including tools for eating the escargots!

 Canard Confit

Canard Confit. 14,90€
-Homemade preserved duck with Sarlat-style potatoes

The Canard Confit (homemade preserved duck with Sarlat-style potatoes) arrived first.  It was a lovely dish where the Sarlat-style potatoes sat under the duck leg.  I was actually incredibly impressed with the quality and tenderness of this duck meat!  It was absolutely perfectly seasoned and cooked.  The meat was so tender and I savoured every single bite of it!  This was definitely my favourite dish (and meal) of the trip! 😀

The Pâté from Aveyron came with homemade stewed onions.  There were pickles and a salad on the side.  I ate the pâté with baguettes from the bread basket and really enjoyed it as well.  It reminded me of the pâté that we had on the second day in Paris actually except this one was much better tasting.

Pâté from Aveyron

Pâté from Aveyron. 6,80€
-with homemade stewed onions

Of course, we couldn’t leave Paris without another round of those delicious Escargots (Burgundy Snails) with garlic and parsley butter sauce!  I am a huge escargot lover and these were just as delicious as ever.  We were given escargot tools to extract the meat easily too!


Escargots (6). 7,90€
-Burgundy Snails

 Escargot in France

Delicious escargots!

Last but not least, we enjoyed a classic French dessert was which the Profiteroles Chocolat (Profiteroles with Homemade Chocolate).  Mmm, even when this dish arrived to the table, I was already so impressed and excited to try it out.

Profiteroles Chocolat

Profiteroles Chocolat. 6,90€
-Profiteroles with Homemade Chocolate

Slightly melted Profiteroles Chocolat

Slightly melted Profiteroles Chocolat but still looks good and tasted amazing!

Since we had asked for all of the dishes to arrive together, this dessert did indeed arrive before we finished eating all of the appetizers and mains.  Thus, it had melted a bit before we got to eating it.  However, it was still an incredible dessert.  There was something about every dish we had here at La Place that I just absolutely loved and savoured over.  I had never had such delicious profiteroles before (actually, the first and only time I remember having them was at Cluny Bistro).  Therefore, I really had such amazing ones here at La Place!  The vanilla ice cream and dense, rich chocolate really were a perfect fit to this dessert.  It was the ultimate finish of a meal for an amazing trip in Europe! ❤ ❤ ❤

 French food in France!

Our table was too small to fit everything so we actually used the table next to ours XD

We finished dinner in time to meet up with our friends and then hop into our private tour van for a night tour of the city.

 La Place interior

I briefly saw their indoor dining area as we went down the stairs to use the restroom

I highly recommend La Place for a great French meal  🙂  (The restaurant was located right beside a McDonald’s which meant that I was able to log onto their free wifi to use!)

 La Place exterior

La Place! You can see their outdoor patio here (and also that they are right next to McDonald’s)

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