Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in Tai Po, Hong Kong

Hot Star Chicken

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken located at Shop 29, G/F, Fortune Plaza, 4 On Chee Road, Tai Po in Hong Kong

Sept 21, 2016 – Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

I finally got the chance to try Hot Star Fried Chicken today!! 😀

After walking by this take-out shop at Tai Wo Fortune Plaza last night,  I made a mental note to come back to try it out.  Hot Star is a well known fried chicken shop originating in Taiwan and when it came to Toronto last year, there were hordes of people lining up for it on the street.  Since then, the hype has died down but I certainly still didn’t get a chance to try it yet.  Thus, today when we were at the plaza again, I bought one piece to try! 😀

Fortune Plaza in Tai Po

This branch located right outside of the Fortune Plaza in Tai Po

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in Tai Po

So many pieces of fried chicken!

Their hot and original chicken sold for $30 HKD a piece.  Since it was almost dinner time, I opted for the smaller version for $20 HKD a piece (about $3.33 CAD at the time of writing).  There were also other options like chicken nuggets, wings, drumsticks, and more.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken menu and prices


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Originating since 1992!

There was a line-up!  Luckily, it didn’t last for more than 2 minutes.  After placing my order, I waited for my fried chicken order to be called.

Every piece was made to order and freshly fried from the grill.  When I received mine, I asked for it to be mild heat.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken Tai Po

Since the fried pieces of chicken were ready, this man put on the seasoning and spice

Small Fried Chicken

Small Fried Chicken. $20 HKD

It was soooooo hot!  Holding it to take a photo made my fingers burn a little.  In this case, taking too many photos before eating proved to be a practical gesture since the chicken was too hot to eat.

Small Fried Chicken

Look at all those guys in the back waiting for their chicken XD

The chicken was nicely fried and the meat was firm and solid quality.  I could see why it’s so well loved.

Small Fried Chicken

Mmm, yum!

Small Fried Chicken close-up

You can see the separation between the chicken meat and the fried skin, but it was really good chicken meat

If I happen to pass by again next time and want a snack, I will try their other options. 🙂

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11 Responses to Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in Tai Po, Hong Kong

  1. gchan7127 says:

    They sell it for $10 here! Such a rip off. Grrr!

  2. I love this fried chicken! I had it in HK as well as here in Toronto. Same quality. But higher price in Toronto. I’d still get it again. I also tried the crispy version in their new spot in Pacific mall couple days ago. It was a stiffer batter and definitely crispy but a bit on the hard side for me. I wouldn’t get the oyster mushrooms again though. Not much batter on them and too small a portion for the price. Anyway, as an avid fried chicken eater and lover, I find it quite satisfying to chow down on such a big piece of it. 😀

    • stenoodie says:

      Oh wow! Thank you for sharing, Jonathan!! I didn’t know they had opened up a new location at Pacific Mall. That is so much more convenient to go to than having to trek to its downtown location for a bite lol. I will have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the advice on the oyster mushrooms! 🙂

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