Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen (Collingwood)

Northwinds Brewhouse food

Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen located at 499 First Street in Collingwood

For dinner of our weekend getaway trip to Collingwood, we went to Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen.  (It was a busy Saturday night and we actually took waiting lists on two other restaurants in the vicinity to see which restaurant would have room for us first.  Northwinds was the first (and only) one to text us back with an availability in about 30 minutes’ wait time).  I was really glad that we were able to try this microbrewery restaurant out!  They had really great choices of food that had gigantic portions!  Our server was also really friendly and accommodating during the entire night.

Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen interior

Brewhouse containers

Ken ordered the Rooster Tale pale ale beer which had a light citrus taste to it.  It was a huge portion of beer too!

Rooster Tale pale ale beer

Rooster Tale
-pale ale beer

Steak Chili Tostadas

Steak Chili Tostadas. $15
-seasoned steak chili, jalapeños, guajillo pepper sauce, sour cream, monterey cheddar cheese blend, cactus salsa verde, shredded lettuce, cilantro on layers of crispy tortillas

We started off with an appetizer to share:  Steak Chili Tostadas.  This had seasoned steak chili, jalapeños, guajillo pepper sauce, sour cream, monterey cheddar cheese blend, cactus salsa verde, shredded lettuce, and cilantro on layers of crispy tortillas.  To say this was amazing would be an understatement.  I really, really enjoyed this since it was such a monster portion!  The food runner informed us to begin eating it by smashing it apart and mixing it together.  It was almost like a steak salad.  All of the ingredients were fresh and delicious. ^_^

Steak Chili Tostadas

Steak Chili Tostadas all mixed together

Italian Portobello Burger

Italian Portobello Burger with Curry Polenta Fries as side. $14
-crispy fried marinated portobello mushroom cap, melted fresh mozzarella, garlic aioli, cured tomato wedges, fresh basil, arugula on an egg bun

I ordered the Italian Portobello Burger.  I’m sticking with my goals of attempting to eat more veggies this year and this veggie burger fit the bill so well!  Also, we actually wanted to try the Curry Polenta Fries as our side but once I saw that you could choose the polento fries as a side for the burger, this was exactly what I chose instead.  This burger had a crispy fried marinated portobello mushroom cap, melted fresh mozzarella, garlic aioli, cured tomato wedges, fresh basil, and arugula on an egg bun.

The portobello mushroom cap was so juicy underneath the crispy fried batter.  The cured tomato wedges inside the burger also added for a tangy taste that helped to encourage my appetite too.  This was just really good!

The crispy fried curry polenta fries were served with spicy nduja dipping sauce.  I really like trying polenta fries and these came hot and fresh out of the fryer.  The dipping sauce was told to have some sausage pieces in it too.  I enjoyed it. 🙂

Tandoori BBQ 1/2 Chicken

Tandoori BBQ 1/2 Chicken. $20
-brined Ontario half chicken grilled with tandoori BBQ sauce, served on top of creamed corn mash potatoes, side of crispy fried cauliflower

There was a dinner special that night and Ken chose that.  He got the Tandoori BBQ 1/2 Chicken which had brined Ontario half chicken grilled with tandoori BBQ sauce, served on top of creamed corn mash potatoes, and a side of crispy fried cauliflower.  The grilled half chicken was extremely moist and tender and I liked the BBQ sauce too.  The corn mash potatoes were yummy and the crispy fried cauliflower was a great addition too.

Everything was so filling — the appetizer portion could have easily be a main course — that we couldn’t finish everything on our plates.  Northwinds was a really nice place for dinner.  We faced the gigantic brewing containers too and a lot of people were just drinking at the bar.

Northwinds Brewhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Yum! Those polenta fries look fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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