Brunch at Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy Coffee brunch

Alchemy Coffee located at 4361 Hwy 7 in Markham

Alchemy Coffee is yet another restaurant that I had wanted to visit after seeing it on social media (they opened almost a year ago in May 2016), so this past Sunday, Priscilla and I had the chance to visit it for brunch on a Sunday.  Alchemy Coffee is located on Highway 7 close to Kennedy Road.  It’s located on a very small strip plaza so you’ll have to watch out for it when driving so as not to miss the entrance.  The parking lot has just enough space for the restaurants and its neighbouring stores.  When I arrived, I nabbed a spot just as someone was leaving.  I’m not sure if they have more parking available in the back, but as turnover at Alchemy Coffee is high, you should be able to find a parking spot unless you are just really unlucky! 😛

Alchemy Coffee Markham interior

Restaurant packed inside!

Alchemy Coffee opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. so it’s a purely breakfast, brunch, and lunch place (actually, the kitchen closes at 3 p.m. but their coffee bar remains open until 6 p.m.).  It’s really small inside yet cozy.  They refer to themselves as a “limited service café” where you get a seat first, order the food and pay at the counter, and then the food will be brought to you.

When I arrived at 10 a.m. on the Sunday, the restaurant was already bustling with early morning brunchers and there was actually a line-up inside the restaurant for getting a table.  Luckily, as I had said, the turnover here is high since customers just eat and then leave.  It wouldn’t be wise to sit and chitchat with your neighbour for too long after finishing your plate especially when you see that there is a line-up there anyway.

Alchemy Coffee Markham menu and prices

Menu on the blackboard to the left

After a little while of waiting, we got a table.  The menu is inscribed on a blackboard to your left on the wall when you walk in.  I found it amusing that anyone who orders at the counter has to turn their head to the left in order to read the menu.  XD

I ordered the Eggs Benny with smoked salmon, portobello mushroom, and kale.  You could also choose peameal bacon or the veggie option for the Eggs Benny.  They also served a classic breakfast, open faced omelettes, pancakes, chicken & waffles, salads, and of course, coffee — their namesake.  Priscilla selected the peameal bacon option for the Eggs Benny.

The food arrived in a reasonable time and it was plated so nicely!  The portion was substantial and the Eggs Benny came with house fries and salad.

Smoked salmon Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny served with house fries and salad. $14
-smoked salmon, portobello mushroom, kale

The smoked salmon sandwiched between the beautifully poached egg and portobello mushroom and English muffin was so delicate and tasted so good.  The portobello mushroom actually didn’t complement very well with the smoked salmon, but on its own, tasted great.  The poached egg was very well done and the yolk that oozed out from the egg was appetizing.  I really liked the house fries too.  They weren’t too dry at all and very soft and slightly seasoned.  The salad was a good touch to the brunch but didn’t contain much dressing as far as I could tell.  This was a really great Eggs Benny meal (the only tiny thing was that I found the poached eggs to be on the cold side; did they leave it on the counter to wait for both orders to be served together?)

Peameal bacon Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny served with house fries and salad. $13
-peameal bacon, avocado, spinach, cheddar

I tried a bite of Priscilla’s peameal bacon, avocado, spinach, and cheddar Eggs Benny and absolutely loved how the flavours of each ingredient married together very well!  I have to say that the peameal bacon option of the Eggs Benny tasted better than the smoked salmon version by far.

Once we were done eating, we upped and left.  There was a near constant stream of people lining up at the restaurant.  I can now understand why!  The food at Alchemy Coffee really was great!  Next time, I would love to try their pancakes, open faced omelettes, and chicken & waffle options too. 🙂

Eggs Benny brunch

Coffee mug for size

Yay to a quality brunch spot in Markham!

Alchemy Coffee Markham storefront

Alchemy Coffee Markham

Alchemy coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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