Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong. October 2016

Wanderlust!  It’s important to travel every so often to see the world and capture beautiful memories while on the journey.  This photo was taken on the most recent trip I made to Asia which was last autumn in 2016.  It just so happens that tomorrow I will be exiting the borders again to go visit our southern neighbours!  Perhaps I will take a similar photo when I am there. 🙂 Continue reading


Saku Sushi

Saku Sushi rolls

Saku Sushi located at 478 Queen St W in Toronto

This past week, we kicked off the weekend with some sushi from Saku Sushi!  Saku Sushi is located on Queen Street West, which is like foodie heaven to me — there are so many great restaurants on that street!  I became aware of Saku Sushi after seeing beautiful photos of their sushi on Instagram.   Continue reading

ZenQ (Markham – Woodbine location)

 ZenQ Woodbine

ZenQ located at 7240 Woodbine Ave in Markham

A few days ago, after a non-stop couple of days of transcript work and days in court, I was craving for some popcorn chicken and decided to pop into the new location of ZenQ in Markham to satisfy my taste buds.  This new location of ZenQ is located on Woodbine Avenue north of Steeles.  It’s located in the same establishment as the Shopsy’s restaurant.   Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

 airplane photo

Hong Kong to Okinawa Japan flight. December 2011

Happy Earth Day tomorrow, Saturday, April 22, 2017! 🙂  Here is a shot from the earth from where we soared high in the sky on an aeroplane in December 2011 as we flew from Hong Kong to Okinawa, Japan. ^_^  I’m excited to see the earth from this angle again when we fly out next week for a foodie trip. 😀 😀  *cannot contain my excitement!!*   Continue reading

Swamped 2.0

No new blog post tonight again even though I really wanted to publish one and get another backlog post out of the way.  I’ve had less than 5 hours of sleep each night this long weekend to do transcripts…. no time to blog unfortunately.  It should be better tomorrow. Catch you all then :0).

Sushi Boats at a Revolving Sushi Bar at Fune Japanese Restaurant!

Fune Japanese Restaurant

Fune Japanese Restaurant located at 100 Simcoe St in Toronto

This was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a sushi restaurant in recent memory!  Fune Japanese Restaurant is currently the only Japanese restaurant in Toronto that offers “conveyor belt” sushi.  What’s more, their conveyor belt sushi is even more unique than the regular ones on a track because these were boats of sushi floating on water around a sushi bar! 😀   Continue reading

Celebrating CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice’s 20th Anniversary!

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice 20 years

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Metro Square branch) located at 3636 Steeles Avenue E, Unit 103-103A in Markham

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is celebrating their 20 years with a photo contest!  CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is the largest bubble tea chain in the world with over 2,000 locations!  They serve drinks from milk tea to macchiato, yakult, smoothies, and fresh juice.  You can include toppings like pearls, pudding, sago, coconut jelly, red bean, and grass jelly.

To enter the contest:  Share a CoCo tea photo on any social media platform with hashtag #CoCo20th to be automatically entered.   Continue reading

East of Brunswick Pub and Kitchen Grand Opening Party

East of Brunswick Pub & Kitchen

East of Brunswick Pub & Kitchen located at 720 Spadina Road in Toronto

Last night, I was pleased to attend the Grand Opening Party of East of Brunswick Pub and Kitchen at 720 Spadina Road in downtown Toronto.  East of Brunswick Pub and Kitchen is conveniently located 2 minutes away from the Spadina Subway Station and close to the University of Toronto (students, get your drinks on after exams! :P).   Continue reading

Amazing Chicken Katsu Burger at Fat Ninja Bite

Fat Ninja Bite chicken burger

Fat Ninja Bite located at 3517 Kennedy Road, Unit 1 at Scarborough

Thanks to winning a contest that was hosted by Katie of @katielikesto.eat on instagram, I was able to try out Fat Ninja Bite for the first time with my friend, Betty!  Fat Ninja Bite has only opened for five months but I’ve seen their monstrous and delicious-looking burgers all over my Instagram feed in the last little while with many people raving about how good their chicken katsu burgers were that I was super curious and desired to try them out badly.   Continue reading