Millie Café Markham

 Millie Cafe Markham

Millie Café located at 8321 Kennedy Rd, Unit 1065 in Markham

After our brunch at Alchemy Coffee just a couple of minutes away from Langham Square, Priscilla and I went to Millie Café to try out their infamous Mille Crêpe cakes.

Millie Café is fairly newly opened and I had been wanting to come here after seeing photos on Instagram.  People had been posting photos of their rainbow Mille Crêpe cakes and I really wanted to try it out as well as compare the Mille Crêpe cakes to the original Kensington Market location.  (To this day, I still think that the Mille Crêpe cakes from Millie Creperie are the best ones in the city.)

Millie Cafe counter

Millie Cafe counter

Upon walking into the standalone retail unit (the cafe is not inside the Langham Square mall but outside near ZenQ, Morals Village, and T-Swirl Crêpe), I immediately noticed that they didn’t have the rainbow Mille Crêpe cake at all.  I inquired about it to the girl working at the counter and she said that it had been discontinued for a while now.  That was disappointing since I had thought that that rainbow Crêpe cake would have been a permanent fixture to the Millie Cafe family.  In any case, Priscilla and I were still content to order two of their other Mille Crêpe cakes to try (they had four signature flavours: Earl Grey, Matcha, Tiramisu, and Vanilla Bean).

signature Mille Crêpe cakes

Four signature Mille Crêpe cakes: Earl Grey, Matcha, Tiramisu, Vanilla Bean

 Puddings and Cheese Tarts

Puddings and Cheese Tarts

We ordered one slice each of the signature Matcha Mille Crêpe cake and the Earl Grey Mille Crêpe cake.  They also had cheese tarts and puddings available in the same display refrigerator for sale.

When paying for the desserts, we were asked if we wanted to try the gelatos that were made in-house.  We tried the Khao San Road Thai Iced Tea one and it was velvety smooth and tasted like red iced tea.  I asked about the name of the gelato and it turns out that Millie Cafe has partnered up with the well-known Thai restaurant, Khao San Road, to create the unique gelato flavours.

 Mille Cafe Gelato


We sat down at one of the tables to enjoy our Mille Crêpe cakes.  The layout of the dessert shop allowed a few tables in a clean and minimalistic design.  (By the way, their restroom is HUGE!)

 Mille Cafe design

I liked the minimalistic design

corked water pitcher

I thought this corked water pitcher was the cutest! However, it was difficult to pour water out of

Earl Grey, Matcha Mille Crêpe cake

You can tell that the pastry cream has been melting against the plastic sheet..

The first thing that I noticed upon peeling off the plastic sheet that wrapped around each slice of the cake was that the pastry cream between each crepe layer was already melting and mushed up.  I was not impressed about that.  I remember that the Mille Crêpe cakes at the Kensington Market location were kept inside an air-tight fridge and that paper sheets were used to separate each slice.  Perhaps by using plastic in a not-so-airtight refrigerator, the pastry cream had managed to melt.  In other words, I think that their refrigerator is not cold enough!

Matcha Mille Crêpe cake

Matcha Mille Crêpe Cake. $7.74

Taste-wise, the Mille Crêpe cake still tasted good.  However, I thought that the size of the cake was smaller than what I had had before.  The price was also slightly higher than that of its downtown counterpart.

The Earl Grey Mille Crêpe cake had a weak Earl Grey flavour unfortunately.  The Matcha Mille Crêpe cake had a much denser and stronger matcha flavour.

Earl Grey Mille Crêpe cake

Earl Grey Mille Crêpe cake. $7.74

It’s too bad because I thought that the smaller size and melted pastry cream made the Mille Crêpe cakes taste poorly.  I wonder if the Mille Crêpe cakes are made in-house or whether they are shipped from the Kensington location to this Markham location…

 Millie Cafe wall

Logo on the wall

 Millie Cafe crepe cakes

In this photo, you can see a noticeable gap between the two panes of glass. Perhaps this is the reason why the cakes weren’t kept chilled enough

 Millie Cafe storefront


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  1. gchan7127 says:

    The slice is so small for its price!! Ahhhhhhh…

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