Aburi Oshi Sushi at Miku Toronto

Miku Toronto Aburi Oshi Sushi

Miku Toronto located at 10 Bay St, #105 in Toronto

Miku Toronto hails from Vancouver, Canada where they housed their first location.  Miku Toronto is their East Coast expansion and is situated on Bay Street near Queen’s Quay in downtown Toronto (Southern Financial District).  They are most well known for their aburi oshi sushi, prepared using their “famous flame seared technique with signature sauces”.  In addition to a la carte lunch and dinner service, they also offer kaisek and omakase as well!  

Tam and I had been wanting to meet up for dinner for a couple of months but our plans kept getting pushed back due to either one of our schedule unavailabilities.  Finally, our plans stuck and we made it out to Miku Toronto on a Sunday spring day in April.  Tam made reservations for our 5 p.m. dinner just in case but it turned out that we didn’t need the reservation because there was plenty of space inside the high-ceiling and spacious restaurant when we arrived.

 Miku Toronto entrance

Miku Toronto entrance inside RBC Waterpark Place

Miku Toronto seating

Really high ceilings and professional seating inside Miku Toronto

To enter Miku Toronto, you have to walk through the doors inside the lobby of the RBC Waterpark Place.  Miku doesn’t have their own entrance outside of this building.  It took me some figuring out to find the rotating doors on Bay Street that were unlocked in order to get inside to the restaurant.

Miku Toronto is a very professional looking and modern restaurant and their interior design contains a lot of solid black and white clean lines throughout their restaurant.  Like I said, they are extremely spacious and have these incredible high ceilings which made it feel like you were in a very high-end corporate space — which you are!  While it is a great place to try out the food, I also feel it doubles as a perfect restaurant for business lunches and dinners.  It just has that corporate “feel” to it.

 Sparkling water

Sparkling water ($2 per person)

 Miku Toronto table setting

Table setting

We sat at a table adjacent to the large ceiling to floor glass windows and had a clear view of Queen’s Quay near Harbourfront.  Since it was still early in the afternoon, we had a lot of light come through these large windows.

Our server that night was very friendly and cheerful and gave us a quick overview of Miku since it was both our first time there.  She introduced the aburi oshi sushi to us which was their most popular items and again something that Miku was known for.

Tam and I each ordered a platter of the Aburi Oshi Plate which included two pieces each of Salmon Oshi, Saba Oshi, and Ebi Oshi.  In addition to that, I ordered the Premium Nigiri sushi plate, a selection of traditional nigiri — seven pieces which the chef would be picking.  Tam ordered two pieces of the a la carte sushi and the Miku Roll.

(Be prepared to drop some top dollar while you are dining at Miku Toronto because the quality of the food definitely matches the value!)

We were first served with an amuse bouche of oyster croquettes.  This bite-sized croquette was indeed really good and I was delighted to start the meal with an amuse bouche. 🙂  The oyster really was prevalent within the croquette and there was a light lemon sauce that paired well with it.

oyster croquettes

Amuse bouche: oyster croquettes

To my surprise, our platters of sushi arrived very quickly — quicker than the average high-end sushi joint.  We weren’t complaining though since we got to enjoy our aburi right away.

Two types of soy sauce

Two types of soy sauce

Premium Nigiri

Premium Nigiri. $27
-selection of traditional nigiri, 7 pieces

I savoured my Premium Nigiri selection first.  There were seven pieces of really well crafted nigiri pieces where the fish was very fresh, soft, and tender paired with rice that was equally soft and fine.  We had a selection of two types of soy sauce (one sweet regular one and another one that I believe was exclusive to Miku).  I especially liked how the nigiri pieces were very substantial and sizable.  I really enjoyed each piece and loved how fresh the seafood was.  The crafting of the nigiri was excellent. 🙂   My favourites in this selection would have had to be the salmon and ebi nigiri.

Aburi Oshi Plate

Aburi Oshi Plate. $17
-2 pieces each of Salmon, Saba, and Ebi Oshi

The Aburi Oshi Plate had two pieces each of Salmon Oshi, Saba Oshi, and Ebi Oshi.  The Ebi Oshi Sushi was pressed prawn with lime zest and ume sauce.  This was a really light tasting Ebi Oshi but the prawn was firm and the entire sushi tasted very creamy and saucy.  The Saba Osih Sushi was pressed house-cured mackerel with miso sauce.  I’m not a huge fan of mackerel but this was tasty too and the taste of the mackerel was apparent for sure.  It was nicely done as well.

Saba and Ebi Oshi

Saba and Ebi Oshi

Saba Oshi

Saba Oshi
-pressed house-cured mackerel with miso sauce

Salmon Oshi Sushi

Salmon Oshi Sushi
-pressed BC wild sockeye salmon with jalapeño and Miku sauce

The Salmon Oshi Sushi was my favourite one out of the three.  This was pressed British Columbia wild sockeye salmon with jalapeño and Miku sauce.  Mmm, I love wild sockeye salmon and this was so delicious!  The slight heat of the jalapeño was perfect and there was a very subtle crunch from it as well.

(From my seat at the restaurant, I could see where the sushi chef was using a blowtorch to sear the aburi oshi sushi.  It was a sight to behold!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of this. :P)

The sushi went down so easily and you really have to take your time to savour each bite to enjoy the entire experience.  (It almost felt like an omakase to me since each piece of sushi was so well crafted but that everything arrived to the table right away in one go.)

A photo of the Miku Roll that Tam ordered:

Miku Roll

Miku Roll. $23
-sockeye salmon, crab, uni, cucumber, rolled in tobiko, Miku sauce

Green Tea Opera

Green Tea Opera. $14
-green tea génoise, matcha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, adzuki bean cream, hazelnut wafer, matcha ice cream

For dessert, Tam ordered the Green Tea Opera (of which I took a bite to try).  Again, it arrived very quickly after ordering and it was absolutely a piece of art work — food art!  The food runner who brought it to us informed us that this Green Tea Opera cake took three days to make and that there were seven layers to it in total.  The Green Tea Opera consisted of green tea génoise, matcha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, adzuki bean cream, hazelnut wafer, and matcha ice cream.  It was so well put together with your eye going from “level” to “level” in the dessert — the high standing sugar decoration to the colourful fruits to the swirl of the rice cracker around the perfectly scooped matcha ice cream.  It was incredibly delicious, crunchy yet smooth, and very flavourful.  The matcha ice cream was very milky too. 😀  If you are a matcha dessert fan and willing to splurge, this is definitely worth it.

 Miku Toronto seating

I didn’t see anyone sitting at the bar seats in the restaurant. I would have loved to been able to watch the chefs prepare the sushi while dining!

I was really happy to be able to try Miku Toronto.  The food really was amazing and top-notch!  …. However, I do have to say that I’m not used to dropping this much money in a single go for food nowadays (about $50 for what I ordered[!]) so despite the sushi being really good, I know I’m not going to run back here any time soon.  (The value certainly matched the quality — don’t get me wrong as I think you can’t get good aburi sushi for cheaper than this price.  I just haven’t been wanting to splurge as much lately on food adventures as I did in the past — I think I’m growing up lol.)  Ultimately, I think Miku Toronto is a really good fit for those professionals who are working in the area who require business lunches and/or dinners as well as those young families and adults in the area who like fancy sushi near the Harbourfront area (as well as special occasions for sure).

 Miku Toronto sushi

Thank you for great first experience, Miku!

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