Hotel Review: Hotel Mercure Sapporo

Hotel Mercure Sapporo

Hotel Mercure Sapporo located at 2 Chome-2-4 Minami 4 Jonishi, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Hokkaido Prefecture 064-0804, Japan

We stayed at Hotel Mercure Sapporo for three nights during our trip to Hokkaido, Japan:  October 2, 3, and 6, 2016.  I found Hotel Mercure Sapporo to be a very solid and comfortable stay.  I loved that it was in the centre of Sapporo city which meant that the nightlife was all around us and completely walkable.  After each day, after we returned to our hotel, we went out again so that we could samples the local shops and restaurants around us.  It was very convenient to say the least in terms of being a tourist and getting to see the local scenery.

Hotel Mercure Sapporo entrance


Hotel Mercure Sapporo first floor

First floor

The lobby of the hotel is on the third floor, not on the first floor.  The first floor simply has a few chairs and leads to the elevators which takes you to the lobby.

Hotel Mercure Sapporo awards

Awards for the hotel

Hotel Mercure Sapporo lobby

Lobby on the third floor

The hotel itself was clean, moderately spaced — we had a comfortable two double bed room — and had all the amenities needed for a well-rested stay.  There was a water boiler in the room for your convenience and there was a complimentary continental breakfast in the morning too which I completely raved about.  Their continental breakfast covered such a large variety of breakfast food that was completely satisfying and delicious.

Hotel Mercure Sapporo key cards

Hotel key cards

 Ice box and vending machines

Ice box and vending machines

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo hallway

Hotel room hallway

Clean, modern, and spacious hotel room with all the usual necessities:  TV, desk, armchair, and even shelves for glasses and cups.

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo rooms

Double bed room

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo restroom

Hotel restroom

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo restroom

Clean towels

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo restroom

A traditional-looking Japanese sliding door for the washroom

I love staying in Japan for the fact that the toilets with all bidets!  I absolutely love using bidets. 😀

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo bidet

Bidet washer!

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo bidet instructions

Instructions for the bidet

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo street view

Night life right outside the hotel

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo morning view

The view outside the room windows in the morning

The dining room for the continental breakfast buffet was very nice.  We just had to tell the host our room number upon entering and then we could self-serve and choose a table for ourselves.

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo dining room

Dining room for the breakfast in the morning

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo dining room

Dining room hours

One of the best breakfast buffets I’ve been to since there was so much choice and everything was delicious.

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo continental breakfast

Continental breakfast

 Hotel Mercure Sapporo continental breakfast

I loved this continental breakfast buffet!!

rice porridge station

Milk stewed stew pot of crab and potatoes and rice porridge station

rice porridge condiments

Condiments for the rice porridge

breakfast buffet

Just a snippet of what was available at the breakfast buffet

I had nothing to complain about at this hotel and I thoroughly enjoyed the three nights’ stay there. ^_^

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